I saw the new Invasion of Theros   Battle doubling as an enchantress, so I felt the to itch to brew a real green steamroller ^^. I think to maximize battles you need a deck that can keep up pressure to at least threaten a flip, going the Bogles aggro rought goes well with this idea. Instead of 1 mana hexproof creatures I'm going for mana creatures to let me hit 3 mana quickly, which opens up a lot of toolbox options bogles doesn't have. The other idea with going with mana dorks instead of Slippery Bogles hexproof guys is that extra mana allows you to present dilemmas for your opponent. They either kill your enchantress or the enchanted mana dork thats going for their face. And cause the deck is making combat damage a source of card draw or a way to flip an enchantress, more dilemmas are presented for extra pressure. The namesake Invasion also lets me sneak in a tutorable combo with Heliod, Sun-Crowned for infinite damage and life with Walking Ballista, if you want to have some more fun ^^. The deck really scratchs that green beefcake itch, all your creatures become scarey threats with your aura engine cranking out more and more, it really can feel unrelenting.


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