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Commander / EDH BR (Rakdos) Control Discard Infinite Combo Land Destruction


This deck was formulated on a long road trip I took for work, beginning late one night while I was feeling guilty for selling Ye Olde Krenko List. Well, really it was a Skirk Prospector deck, but I suppose that's beside the point now. Grenzo's awesomely flavorful mechanic and his very-much-and-yet-not-at-all Rakdos ability had always tickled my imagination, but the sudden gap in the color distribution of my decks (I was also in the middle of converting my Mono-Black Gonti deck into its short-lived colorless iteration, Ye Olde Kozilek List) gave me the perfect opportunity (read: compulsion) to build . While it will forever remain the basement-dwelling middle child to the aforementioned Krenko deck and my friend Mike's Shattergang Brothers build, it has evolved from an unfocused durdle-deck into a fairly refined value-engine and combo finisher.

This deck runs exclusively creatures with a power less than or equal to 3 (totaling one third of the entire deck). That means that the standard plan of attack is casting our Friendly Neighborhood Dungeon Warden for a mere and saving the big mana for building out the board and firing off as many activations as possible. I run nearly every card that interacts with the bottom of the library in these colors - Soldevi Digger, Teferi's Puzzle Box and Tel-Jilad Stylus shine here in particular - and a few tutors to dig out the big game-ending combos (namely, Metallic Mimic + Murderous Redcap + Phyrexian Altar and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Zealous Conscripts ). Aside from the infinite combos, land destruction, discard or edict ETB effects abound, and if you've got a way to put the offending creature right back in the dungeon, these can pile up pretty quickly. Nasty as those might feel, however, I have avoided Doomsday and some of the higher-power creatures that define Grenzo's CEDH build.

As far as the deck's aesthetic is concerned, I've gone back to my roots for this one. Like my beloved Hazezon Muad'Dib: DUNE-Inspired EDH, this deck's card selection defers to the old card frame wherever possible, indulging in foils where available strictly as a secondary consideration. As such, I am looking for a Beta Sol Ring, so if you've got one to sell or trade, hit me up.


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