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Standard Mill-Control [ELD Update]

Standard* Combo Dredge Jank Mill Mono-Blue UB (Dimir)



Standard Mill-Control

This deck is a build-off from what used to be Standard Dredge, but with Throne of Eldraine coming out I felt like milling the opponent would give us more value.

Throne of Eldraine gave us plenty of good mill cards, but sadly they are mostly all for milling our opponent. Due to this, I have switched up the entire deck from milling ourselves to milling our opponent. Also, I wanted to maximize each slot; keeping in Beacon Bolt wasn't worth it, and with it Red altogether. Also, Tamiyo, Collector of Tales is no longer necessary and with it Green altogether. Keeping it to UB makes it simple on the lands as well as the consistency, and I hope it's the right decision to keeping this deck to function and win some games.


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After playing this deck for a while, I have removed the Arclight Phoenix plan, and with it the cheap draw spells that helped enable it. The earliest I ever got them out (2 or 3 if lucky) was turn 5, from an Opt and 2 2-mana draw spells, and that wasn't good enough. By clearing out the Phoenix plan, it made room for all of the other spells I wanted to try out. I added in Green mainly because Tamiyo is an absolute beast in this kind of deck, and can fetch Jace back from the grave if needed, and now I can go down to a solid 2 Jaces. I also added Thought Erasure for a blue catch-all "removal" spell that can also throw dredge cards to the grave if needed, and Enter the God-Eternals for the sincere life gain and removal and blocker that i desperately needed. More description will be below the deck. Be sure to upvote!


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