Welcome to Sram's workshop! Also known as the only viable mono white commander according to TheCommander's Quarters, this smug looking dwarf is gonna be at the helm of our equipment/auras deck and he'll make damn sure we get the card advantage we need to compete. This deck usually starts the game as a voltron-type build: Sram is always gonna be the first creature you play and suiting him up to attack is our first strategy. If something goes wrong, we can recover with the help of some creatures that cheat equipment costs like Heavenly Blademaster, Armory Automaton, Balan, Wandering Knight and Puresteel Paladin: they will come in after a removal or boardwipe, attach everything to themselves and start the pain train all over again. There's quite a bit of recursion to help us keep going if the game goes long and some of our key pieces get removed. Tutors are usually there to get us Hammer of Nazahn early in the game, but later on they can fetch just the tool we need from the toothpick box, in the form of evasion, lifegain or stats boosting. Recruiter of the Guard's main purpose is to get Puresteel Paladin, by far our best creature, but Armory Automaton is a solid option on an empty board.

I'm building on a bit of a budget so no other Swords other than Sword of Sinew and Steel, no Englightened Tutor and no Stoneforge Mystic, though i will gladly add them if i manage to get a copy.

Any feedback on this list is appreciated and welcome.


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