Skeletons is one of my favorite tribes in magic and I had a 60 card singleton deck for quite some time. Prime choice of cards is flavor not power. So this is really a casual EDH deck. But it is a lot a fun to pilot and the artworks are awesome. This is the actual green/black version of the deck. There is also an old mono black version with Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon as commander: SPOOKIE BONES (Old)

For a skeleton Commander who is also a skeleton him/herself you don't have much choices:

  • Skeleton Ship: For favor a great choice but the card is horrible and most of the skeletons do not support the mechanics of the card. You can make an interesting and fun to play deck with the ship but I myself don't find the card suited as commander for a skeleton tribal deck.
  • Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon: This card cry's for a Voltron Commander deck, but for an tribal skeleton deck he suites also.
  • Tinybones, Trinket Thief: Just no synergy with most skeletons.

With the printing of Skeletal Swarming I wanted to shift the deck to black/green. So I had to search flavorful commander who could also support the deck:

Their are many some other options but for I myself decided to use Vhati il-Dal

First I start with my picks for the deck


  • Black Mana Battery: Ramp with a gorgeous artwork. I know the card is bad, but lock again at the artwork.
  • Bonesplitter: The card name matches the theme and warriors of the old days have been buried with their weapons, so this makes sense.
  • Charcoal Diamond: The artwork form seventh edition is wonderful. Would be perfect if it had a black frame.
  • Coat of Arms: One of the win options of these deck. And their are skulls in the artwork, perfect.
  • Cryptic Gateway: From this crypt door our army will march to battle.
  • Door of Destinies: Every warrior of our army has already knocked on this door and was not let in ;-)
  • Heirloom Blade: You made a mistake to bury your ancestor with his sword....
  • Skull Catapult: For me an auto include even if the card is bad. And our army of darkness needs siege weapons.
  • Skull of Ramos: Not every skull is on top of one of our Fighters. Some have to help us to cast our army of the dead.
  • Vulshok Morningstar: This is the most effective weapon against skeletons, but they don't mind using it themselves.


  • Animate Dead: Wonderful artwork and an really strong spell.
  • Bad Moon: The card is still good for a mono black deck. By the way, the picture was taken while creating the group photo of my Army of Darkness.
  • Dance of the Dead: These artwork is fantastic.
  • Grave Pact: These card is so good. But not the artwork form Stronghold please Grave Pact
  • Skeletal Swarming: This card alone is so much power and is our game plan: Swarm the board with skeletons.
  • Underworld Connections: Home-base of our army and card draw. Nice.
  • Withering Wisps: One of the reasons to play snow-covered swamps. Mass-removal with matching artwork.


  • Ashes to Ashes: This card is really strong in EDH and should see more play. A least in budget builds. And the artwork of the fifth edition is perfect for the deck.
  • Blood for Bones: We have enough cannon fodder to return something meaningful.
  • Dead of Winter: The artwork doesn't fit the theme perfectly, but the card is to good to pass away.
  • Diabolic Tutor: The only other tutor with matching artwork would be Vampire tutor (EMA) but as this is an budget deck we that this one. Sadly :-(
  • Disturbed Burial: The artwork is not really the hit but thematically it fits perfectly into the deck and if you give us the time the spell is really good.
  • Read the Bones: Card draw with matching artwork. Yes please.
  • Touch of Death: This card is really bad. But with this artwork I have to play the card.


  • Death Wind: Removal witch matching artwork. Perfect.
  • Terror: Good old terror and the artwork from 10th edition is suitable.
  • Skeletal Scrying: Card draw with matching artwork. Yes please.
  • Putrefy: Removal with matching artwork. I'm in.
  • Vanquish the Weak: Removal with matching artwork. More please.


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