Hey guys!

Yet another one of my RL decks, this time from the Kamigawa + Ravnica Standard. BR spirit tribal, focusing on being very aggressive early game - this deck has 14 one drops!

For the mid game we've got Blademane Baku, somewhat of an early version of Kiln Fiend, can get huge with the help of Glitterfang. Kami of the Waning Moon, for making our dudes harder to block, Thief of Hope to slowly drain our opponents (and don't forget that Soulshift 2 ability!).

Then, we've got Cunning Bandit / Azamuki, Treachery Incarnate that can benefit from all of our other dudes to help us get how many creatures we want - and sac them to both Rusalkas: Scorched Rusalka and Plagued Rusalka. Hired Muscle / Scarmaker also lets us get thru more easily, when flipped, and Rend Flesh can kill pretty much anything at the other side of the table.

To finsh the game we've got another 2 from a cycle: Skyfire Kirin who grabs creatures for us, and Infernal Kirin who makes them discard. Homura, Human Ascendant / Homura's Essence is a hard to deal card, always attacking, and if killed, comes back as a huge boost to our side. But the real finisher of this deck, and the card that made me want to build this whole deck as it is, is Devouring Greed. For 2BB, you get to deal 2 damage to an opponent and gain 2 life. But, and 'tis a big but and I cannot lie, should you sac any number of spirits, you get that additional numbers of drains! In a deck where all but 6 creatures are spirits, and with tons of one drops, you can easily deal anything between 8 and 12 damage, if not more!

The sideboard has Hearth Kami to deal with artifacts, 2Wicked Akubas, 1 more of Homura and the Kirins, 2 Rend Spirit for a possible match agains other spirits, Lava Spike for extra reach, and a couple of Devouring Rage, for dealing lethal thru combat.

And that's it. This deck is really aggressive, but has no way to replenish itself, and you can be topdecking sooner than you think, if you don't plan carefully. But as in all high-risk high-reward strategies, you can either go big, or go home!


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