Wanted to make a deck around the new legendary spoiled with the new commander sets. :D suggestions are always welcome.

So the primary way to win is either beat face with kirky boi or tendrils of agony.

Combo pieces Kirk + null profusion + aetherflux reservoir. play a bunch of (B) cost cards to cycle through and cast tendrils for lethal.

Cards that help a lot with winning Vilis, exquisite blood + sanguine bond, bloodchief ascension. demon's horn and staff help with offsetting the life loss.

Another win con is just make a ton of mana and cast exsanguinate. :p

Yet another fun combo I added recently is heartless summoning + priest of gix + mortuary + Kirk/null lets you draw through and net mana to cast more things.

I also recently discovered a combo with Yawgmoth + mortuary+ perilous myr/fume spitter <--that's pretty neat


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