Spaghetti Post with a bit of seasoning ;)

The local meta is currently: Bant Infect, DnT, GB Depths, BUG Hogaak, LED Dredge, UW Stoneblade, RUG Delver, with Esper Vial, and TES coming in soon.


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So after some testing of Maze of Ith it looks like it's not a great fit in the meta, most of the time it only prolongs the agony when you're waiting to top deck something. However Mazemind Tome has proven to help with both land drops, and setting up the Golos turns, the incidentak life gain seems to be relevant as well especially with a playset of Ancient Tombs, and 2 Dismembers.

OGW Kozilek -> 3rd Spyglass, 2nd Trinisphere in sb -> Spatial Contortion (to help with infect, delver, and DnT matchups)


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