A green white midrangey build with a token focus!

The aim of the deck is to build up a board to ramp into an early Divine Visitation or a big March of the Multitudes with the help of Song of Freyalise. Once the enchantment is out, then proceed to make tokens to poop out angels! A little gimmicky, but the deck can just go wide in the event you dont draw the enchantment.

Emmara, Soul of the Accord is probably a great representation of what the deck wants to do as a whole, tap and make a dude. She's great as a convoker and as a dork with the Song, a solid early drop.

Knight of Autumn - this was also a possible Sprouting Renewal due to both being Naturalize and another mode, the sorcery making a token which is important due to the Angel Plan and possibly being free.... But! We are low on value creatures and this is a very good 3 drop, giving us a bigger body, a Naturalize or some lifegain since we're likely to be smacked around a bit. I have considered maybe a 3-1 split with the Sprouting Renewal for the reasons listed above. Decided to put 2 in the sideboard, keep 2 mainboard.

Leonin Warleader - An aggressive way to make tokens, and they have lifelink and come in swinging - Imagine if they are ANGELS mwhaha, they come in tapped and attacking, its like our own kitty Geist of Saint Traft .. sorta. Anyway, just another token generator for us mostly.

Shalai, Voice of Plenty - filling a few roles here, she protects us from Settle the Wreckage and general spells, eats removal, is a flying body, has a relevant activated ability AND is a 4 drop which i needed to fill out the curve as well as bolster our overall creature count. So many roles in one!!

Trostani Discordant Is a wonderful 5 drop in that she is an anthem effect, provides bodies and ... returns stolen creatures to us, which has only occurred against pirates with hostage taker. I like this card a lot.

Conclave Tribunal - A better Cast Out for this deck due to having access to convoke, surprise removal is best removal, even if we lose flash, the convoke really makes up for it.

Divine Visitation - the whole reason why i wanted to make the deck, my stupid "spice" card aha. Obviously powerful if it resolves, obviously awful if you play it t5. But we dont aim to do that, we plan to play it early or at least be able to produce a token or two the turn it drops, which then removes the 'dead' play!

History of Benalia - good saga, many bodies, much pressure. Bonus synergy with Knight of Autumn! Just a very solid 3 drop that expands our board.

Legion's Landing  Flip is a great 1 drop and very easy to flip over into a token engine, we want to see this every game. In a pinch, its a 4/4 angel for 1 mana :eyes emoji:

Song of Freyalise - ah the main cog to this engine, super ramping with our tokens to play things much quicker, like activating Shalai, Voice of Plenty's ability or Divine Visitation + Saproling Migration! Plus the last chapter is great for alpha swinging!

Path of Discovery - TESTING - The theory is 1) gives us some card advantage and 2) puts our tokens out of Goblin Chainwhirler range.

flower/flourish - Helps us fix our mana and means we can usually keep a 2 land hand with one of these. The other side is sometimes useful for alpha striking! Rarely used but options are always nice.

March of the Multitudes - I mean, this card just looks delicious, of coarse i want to play it! Make lots of guys at instant speed? Instant blockers? And it just gets better in multiples?? AND THEY COULD ALL BE ANGELS?! Sign me the heck up.

Saproling Migration - basically our best t2 play, into t3 Song of Freyalise and then any 3 drop is great. We can also kick it late game for heaps of angels/ saprolings. Yay options!

Sprouting Renewal is a free Naturalize or a free token, or better yet, a free angel token, viable on the turn it is played even! Thus the one copy.

Arch of Orazca - Hey, ascend is very easy to achieve, and we lack card draw a bit, plus our mana isnt too difficult so we can run a colourless land that draws us a card!

Memorial to Glory - token generator! We want to be able to make tokens at any point in the game for when we do have Divine Visitation out, and this seems fine as a one of.

Ashes of the Abhorrent I believe this is an important card coming into the new meta, what with Undergrowth and Jump-start, this card stops both!

Seal Away For the aggro decks, more removal!!

Sorcerous Spyglass is my anti teferi card, as i cant seem to beat that match up at all, expecially when he's cast. Ixalan's Binding is a back up option, i like how cheap this artifact is so it can drop early and hopefully not get countered.

Carnage Tyrant for the good ol' control match up, cant beat this guy! Easy to cast for us, a must have for SB.

Assure / Assemble - Some protection for spot removal via destruction. Still want blossoming defence..

Make a Stand anti board wipe tech mostly, or decks that deal in masses like chainwhirler or defiant clarion.

Settle the Wreckage against aggressive decks! or mirror match, useful in a lot of matches.

Dawn of Hope - with so much lifelinkers, this gives us both a card draw engine and a mana sink! Bring in for grindier or mirror matches.

Sprouting Renewal - Sort of on theme but competes with Knight of Autumn - testing needed.

Satyr Enchanter - with so many enchantments in the deck, this guy seemed like a wonderful pay off and gives us some much needed card draw! Not much else to say about him though. Removed for now.

Camaraderie - Just ended up being too weak even at the gamble of drawing and gaining X life.

Join Shields - fun with Song of Freyalise as you cast it for free... heh.

Conclave Cavalier - relevant because its like anti removal kill her and she might replace herself with two angels!

assure/assemble - im just not sold or convinced. If it was hexproof instead of indestructible, i'd use it.

Shapers' Sanctuary For the decks who really like to remove our stuff, at least this will deter them a little or give us nice cards for our troubles. This is a flex spot, not sure what to run here until i see the meta better. This is mostly against burn or gutterburn decks for the most part.

Huatli, Radiant Champion - simply a win more card.

Legion's Landing  Flip - i feel like this should be in the deck, but it always ended up getting cut when making adjustments so i ended up dropping it entirely. I still feel it should be in the 75 somewhere....Its not hard to flip and makes a token for 1 mana...easy angels...turns into angel machine....seems good no??

Shanna, Sisay's Legacy - i had her in the original build but found her lack luster in testing. Mostly because she has no keywords, and there aren't any meta cards that have targetted activated abilities (that i can think of right now).

Weatherlight = combos with Emmara. Really liked this synergy but with little to no targets for the digging, it wasnt worth keeping in the 75. Not in this deck.

Pride of Conquerors - a good spell, also feel like this should be in the 75 but it also ended up being cut during tweaks.

Guildmage's Forum - currently testing, but i like the idea of a 3/3 Emmara, Soul of the Accord, a 3/2 Knight of Autumn or a 3/3 Satyr Enchanter. Again not a super complex mana base, so can afford a few colourless lands. Will see if it worth it.

Shapers' Sanctuary For the decks who really like to remove our stuff, at least this will deter them a little or give us nice cards for our troubles. This is a flex spot, not sure what to run here until i see the meta better. This is mostly against burn or gutterburn decks for the most part.

Venerated Loxodon just underperforms for me. Never happens before t3, always a bad top deck. Just not for me sorry.

1x Tendershoot Dryad heavily considering dropping 1 trostani for a copy of this, making a 3/3 saproling on every upkeep makes up QUITE a board. Good for being behind or pushing through makes me want to test this.


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hm chainwhirler is still a big problem for this deck. maybe could try Charge to combat it, also for alpha striking? but the list is so tight i wouldnt know where to make space for it..

g1: 0-2 rdw

g2: 2-0 bw lifegain

g3: 1-2 boros burn


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