Today we will be learning about Dragons.

-- Afterwards we will be singing the famous hymn, 'Ode to Dragons!'

This is a deck that I imagine being immensely fun, and interactive. It revolves around Song of Creation and discarding your hand in order to get big stuff in the grave. Thinking about running Dragon's Approach in order to expedite the process of getting 4 cards in the grave. I feel like it will be super explosive if I can get it off.

And who doesn't like playing big beaters that fly and wreck shit!?


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Alright, updated the deck to account for the cards from Strixhaven, the upcoming set. Made the deck much more revolved around dragons, and discarding into the grave. I really like the learn mechanic, which just feeds the fire for spells to cast.

I am still contemplating whether I should throw in 20 copies of Dragon's Approach , just to laugh my ass off.


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