This is a semi-budget Minotaur Commander deck with a Goblin shell for consistency and tutoring. You want to generate as many Minotaur tokens as possible with Sethron, Hurloon General , buffing them with your tribal lords until you overwhelm your opponents with a horde of buff cows.

Maskwood Nexus basically unlocks your entire deck, making your Goblin Tutors search for more minotaurs and other creatures you decide to put in while generating even more tokens themselves. It also makes Deathbellow War Cry one of the most insane creature cheaters in the game.

If you don't give a s*** about paying your rent, cards like Dockside Extortionist and Imperial Recruiter are must-have upgrades.

Goblin Goliath might also be a good pick for a finisher that synergizes well with the Goblin shell.

I may need help with balancing this deck a bit more, as I don't want to rely too heavily on Maskwood Nexus for the deck to function. Is 17 Minotaurs out of 30 creatures a healthy enough count for Sethron to go off without the Nexus?


Alternatively, instead of a Goblin shell, you can also make a Demon shell using tutors like Blood Speaker , as he recurs himself whenever a Demon, and eventually anyone, hits the board. This provides a slower but more frequent source of tutoring for your Minotaur-related needs. The Demons which Blood Speaker can search pre-Maskwood Nexus will also have a stronger impact on the board than the current Goblin shell, albeit at a higher mana cost and overall price tag.


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