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Snow White Astrolabe Tron

Pauper Aggro RGWU Tron



This deck is an improved version of a top 2 tournament list: https://www.mtgtop8.com/event?e=22382&d=352008&f=PAU

This deck utalizes a draw engine in form of Kor Skyfisher + Glint Hawk and Arcum's Astrolabe + Prophetic Prism .

Especially powerful is the interaction between Hawk and Astrolabe. You cast the Astrolabe turn 1, turn 2 tap tron land and Astrolabe for white, cast Glint Hawk, recast Astrolabe. Then you've already drawn 2 cards and gotten a 2/2 flyer by turn 2.

Trinket Mage and Expedition Map add consistency. Mulldrifter is simply a powerful lategame spell.

Kaervek's Torch is the main win condition. It can also be used as removal without much of a second thought, because this deck runs 4 of them. It is a challange to deal with both the Torch and your 2 power flyers.

Journey to Nowhere , Moment's Peace , Weather the Storm help you survive long enough to reach the point, at which Kaervek's Torch can end the game.

I prefer Weather the Storm over Prismatic Strands , because Prismatic Strands is near to useless in several matchups. Also Weather the Storm synergizes much better with the deck, since the draw engine can easily reach a storm count of 4 or more on a whim.


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