Three snowy colors! This mid-range deck aims to stall the board with a robust removal package and grind out value with creatures with ETB effects.

Faithless Looting and Ransack The Lab are my card filtering that synergize with Looting and First-Sphere Gargantua.

Ephemerate is meant to do well with most of the creatures in the deck. Burglar Rats gives me instant speed discard, Gargantua can be unearth-combo'd with it, and seeker of the way can benefit from it incidentally. Kor Skyfisher functions similarly, but combos with Arcum's Astrolabe instead of gargantua.

The rest of the deck is just solid foundational cards: a nice removal package to keep me in the game while I grind out cards and Gurmag Angler to utilize the graveyard and apply pressure.

Still very much a WIP and I would appreciate feedback.


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