The goal of this deck is to maximize the utility of your snow lands.

Avalanche Caller makes your snow lands into hexproof 4/4 with haste, the Icebreaker Kraken gets discounted based on how many snow lands you have (with 7 snow lands you can pay just 5 mana for an 8/8 that keeps the enemy's creatures and artifacts tapped the next turn).

Replicating Ring is a pretty good mana rock that counts as a snow source of any color mana, it's insane when it gets to 8 counters and it's there to help you convert as many lands as you can into hexproof creatures with haste.

Negate is there as a form of defense against things than can exile your lands or boardwipe your creatures.

Dead of Winter as a selective board wipe that destroys solely the creatures of your opponents (unless they have snow creatures, which is unlikely), Blood on the Snow as a sideboard replacement for Dead of Winter against all kinds of creatures or planeswalker, plus it gives you back your Avalanche Caller (or whatever really) after the wipe!

Frostwalk Bastion is there as both offensive and defensive option when the game doesn't look too good for you.

Depart the Realm acts as a mild form of defense against planeswalker, for instance if Ugin, the Spirit Dragon appears you can instantly bounce it to get more turns for you to setup your strategy and win.

Graven Lore and Frost Augur are your card advantage machines, they will bring you so much value over the course of the game. Frost Augur in particular is such a good card I can't believe it.

Ascendant Spirit is in the deck because it's good in both the early turns and the latter ones, at first you can play it and buff it throughout the turns if your draws are not good, and if you want to play it late in the game you can buff it to insane levels (6/6 flying creature that draws a card when the oppo receive damage).

Counterspell should be replaced with another form of counterspell because 1. is not consistent (it can be played only 77% of the times on turn 2) and 2. is not legal in some formats.

The mana base is meant to make the deck as consistent as possible and it's calculated with tables, it should be just right!


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