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This just my be the best sliver deck ever created! Wins you games in Competitive Legacy.

Main Board:

3x Crystalline Sliver - Shroud is something that I want to be on the field ever game! Without your slivers your hopeless, although with a non-stacking ability I don't wan't more then one one my board; I can always SB it in, if need be.

3x Galerider Sliver - Flying is essential, however the ability doesn't stack so I can not do 4 of them, this card needs to be on the field!

3x Heart Sliver - Amazing synergy with all of my cards. He hits the field and really lay's down the pressure, especially if you throw him down with more than one Sliver on the same turn.

4x Leeching Sliver - Amazing card, This will always get all of my Slivers damage through, and it stacks!

4x Manaweft Sliver - I run 4 because this card is essential to any Sliver deck that wants to stay consistent, great ramp in their mana.

2x Striking Sliver - First strike is dangerously powerful, but this ability doesn't stack and as powerful as it is, playing with 3 is just to much.

COMBO- Venom Sliver + Striking Sliver

3x Venom Sliver - This card is deadly, literally! However it doesn't stack so there reason to play 4 of these.

4x Aether Vial - This card adds so much speed and consistency to this deck, that 4 is absolutely necessary!

12x The MUSCLE of this deck! - Muscle Sliver , Predatory Sliver, Sinew Sliver

2x Sliver Legion High costing so can't run more, but it is safe to say if this gets on the field, It is practically game over.


1x Crystalline Sliver--- To deal with heavy board removal.

2x Ghostflame Sliver --- To deal with protection from colors. (Ex. Gods Willing, Etched Champion etc...)

3x Harmonic Sliver --- To deal with artifacts and enchantments.

Necrotic Sliver--- To deal with Planswalkers, creatures and other annoying things.

2x Hibernation Sliver --- To deal with board wipes. (Ex. Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, Damnation etc...) I noticed that Sliver Hivelord was to inconsistent, by the time I needed him I didn't have the mana for to play.

2x Tormod's Crypt --- To deal with Dredge and graveyard lovers. Found it better than Rest in Piece as a successful dredge happens before turn 3

3x Swan Song --- To deal with THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE! Actually its only for two particular cards, Blood Moon and Back to Basics. Without an Aether Vial or Manaweft Sliver already out on the field, these cards will wreck me.

(I've been lazy and haven't found the time to play test enough with Virulent Sliver so it is still on my maybe list)

-Deck made by Hasan Paige (Me)

Constructive criticism, advise, tips and tricks anything is welcomed, I would love to hear your thoughts. xD


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