My son and I found an awesome deck here where the builder would upgrade his deck based on a certain number of kills it achieved. (kills counted as taking out a player in a pod) Unfortunately, for the life of us, we cannot find the deck! Consequently, created our own deck challenge, where we ultimately will have a pimped out foiled out commander deck, but we will have earned it! Here are the rules:

Start: Only commons plus your commander at any rarity

1 6/1/18 Kopala, Warden of Waves

2 kills: Deck Box - Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Case Blue

4 kills: Add uncommons

8 kills: Sleeves! - Ultra Pro Eclipse Sleeves, Blue

16 kills: Add rares

25 kills: Generic playmat

35 kills: Add mythics

45 kills: Custom deck box - Aaron Cain Dice and Deck Vault x Depth 2 7/8’’ (100 Double sleeves) with Commander Window, Wenge Wood,

55 kills: Foil commons

70 kills: Custom playmat with kill count

85 kills: Foil uncommons

100 kills: Double sleeves of your choice

120 kills: Foil rares

150 kills: Foil mythics

200 kills: Foil commander

This will be a massive undertaking, but something awesome we can do together and ending up with an EDH deck we battles for! Here's a link to my son's deck: deck kill chalenge


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