Lately Corpsejack has been getting wrecked by his own large converted mana cost and everything going wrong in the time frame of his arrival to the battlefield. So I thought we'd carry on his legacy without him (intrepid emoji). This deck is designed to sequence its creatures with care and find an abundance of cheap, relevant threats. I think its interactions will prove to be a headache for my opponents, unable to attack without giving Slumbering Dragon three +1/+1 counters per attacking creature, or unable to cast a spell without giving Managorger Hydra three +1/+1 counters per spell, enabled by CJ's little cousins, Hardened Scales and Winding Constrictor .

This deck plays spells on-curve instead of ramping and tops off with Bloodbraid Elf to squeeze an extra body onto the field and pull ahead. She was chosen by merit of her hotness but also the Cascade ability because it gives two triggers to Managorger Hydra , will evolve Pelt Collector if she hits him, and if she hits Strangleroot Geist they can swing hastily together. If the opponent has a counterspell, they'll have to choose between her and her cascade hit. Unless they use Counterflux , I suppose. That's my explanation there.

Jadelight Ranger , like Bloodbraid Elf , was chosen for her dual nature of being able to supply beats and quasi-card advantage. Pelt Collector can be evolved to 3/3 with Winding Constrictor and then to 5/5 with Jadelight Ranger exploring once for land and once for counters.

Now it's missing its fearless fungal leader, and no mascot half so flavorful or memorable can take his place. It's like I took all the fun out and where it has gone, only destruction remains. Feels like I've lost a part of myself. So yeah.

I always appreciate criticisms of all kinds, I would like to hear if you feel it's lacking in something, if it needs something, or if it could be good if it was doing something differently. I have a pretty small group of people to test it against. If someone can recommend to me the best place to build decks for experimentation and play-testing against players or AI, without having to spend an unreasonable amount of dough... it'd be appreciated. Often I build lists using this site or others and I can goldfish, but that's not good science compared to playing it against good decks. I have a lot of cards that I've bought as singles that testing has persuaded me to replace. Right now I don't have a great way to know if it's a bad idea to buy this list. >.> Although I did just do so... hopefully it was a good idea..? Time will tell.


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