Slogurk, the Overslime spoke to me the moment I pulled the showcase copy from my First Midnight Hunt Set Booster box opening. Slogurk checks all the right boxes;

  1. This is a budget Commander
  2. Simic colors identity
  3. Low casting cost
  4. Natural Trample evasion
  5. Passive ability that ramps
  6. Passive ability which can avoid Commander Tax and boardwipes.

**Bonus: Cool showcase artwork!

It was clear that this deck had to be made. So, how do we build Slogurk? Consulting with EDH Rec and other sites, there are several strategies discussed:

  1. Voltron Slogurk quickly and swing for the win.
  2. Create an engine to play multiple lands per turn and blink Slogurk for value. The REPEATABLE land destruction strategy falls under this umbrella.
  3. +1/+1 Counter Synergy with Hardened Scales and Oozolith.
  4. Create a Tribal Ooze deck, with all the tools to make massive Oozes.

To be honest, all of the above plans are viable options. However, a YouTuber pointed out that Slogurk gains +1/+1 counters whenever lands are out into the grave - FROM ANYWHERE - with no hard cap on how big this boy can get. This means you can Mill lands into grave, play lands that can sacrifice themselves to the grave, discard lands in hand down to hand size at your end step, and play ramp spells that let you sacrifice and search for lands. Once Slogurk has 3x +1/+1 Counters on Him, you can pull those in response to removal and bring Him back to your hand which means you get to cast Slogurk without Commander tax AND you get 3x lands out of the grave as well.

A self mill strategy can be employed for massive Slogurk and swing to victory. I have not explored Self Mill in EDH, so Slogurk was born with this goal in mind. We use flashback cards to not have a lack of options. We also have constructed a mana base heavily filled with lands that can end up in the graveyard through sacrifice.

:: Self Mill Package ::

Any deck that mills is a natural ally of Slogurk. We do not mind "Wheel effects" at all and many of our spells have flashback to cast from the yard. That being said, self-mill is not a win condition in this deck, as we are not running Laboratory Maniac or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries. We ARE running wheel cards which prevent us from milling ourselves to death; Echo of Aons, Time Reversal and Windfall. Blessed Respite keeps you alive in a pinch and recycles lands from the grave. These are insurance policies which need to remain in the deck in it's current form.

  1. Ipnu Rivulet - functions as a land until mill is needed and grows Slogurk by sacrificing itself. When Slogurk dies, you simply bring back Ipnu and do it over again. This is an engine in the deck.

  2. Stream of Thought - Mill 4 and has ability to repeat with replicate cost paid as much as you have mana for.

  3. Tome Scour - simple 1 mana, mill 5 cards

  4. Merfolk Secretkeeper - mill 4 cards for 1 mana, and functions as a body/blocker off of Adventure.

  5. Dream Twist - mill 3 and flashback 3 more! Flashback is useful to cast it from the yard.

  6. Satyr Wayfinder - you have to reveal 4 cards and you MAY put a land in your hand, though you do not need to. The flexibility is perfect.

  7. Otherworldly Gaze - functions exactly like Dream Twist in the deck with option to control your top deck.

  8. Increasing Confusion - an amazing way to mill a lot of cards and the flashback makes it incredible because every "X" is doubled!

  9. Tracker's Instincts - helps fill hand with needed creatures and is capable from the grave.

  10. Traumatize - a one card win condition for Slogurk, it will usually put 20 counters in Slogurk b/c you can Traumatize yourself!

:: Land Destruction Package ::

We are a dedicated land destruction deck. This is why Slogurk is a Jerk. The most powerful spells here allow us to keep on recycling lands for fun and profit. We can pivot in this direction to keep other players in check and threaten land destruction as a deterrence from attack.

  1. Reap and Sow
  2. Terastodon
  3. Acidic Slime
  4. Beast Within
  5. Dust Bowl
  6. Field of Ruin
  7. Ghost Quarter
  8. Encroaching Wastes
  9. Boseiju, Who Endures
  10. Strip Mine
  11. Desecration Plague
  12. Rain of Thorns
  13. Winter's Grasp
  14. Wasteland

:: +1/+1 Counter Package ::

+1/+1 Counters power up Slogurk, so there are important cards to do this in the deck. Simic Ascendancy was a formerly included win condition but has since been scrapped after playtesting.

  1. Forge of Heroes
  2. Cave of Temptation
  3. Opal Palace
  4. Winterthorn Blessing
  5. Scale the Heights
  6. Give / Take

The Ozolith - is a hell of a Counter Insurance Policy. It banks all your efforts and builds a bigger, badder Slogurk.

:: Ways to Play Additional Lands Per Turn ::

Since Slogurk puts lands from Graveyard to hand, you just need cards which allow you to play additional lands from hand per turn. Expensive cards like Wayward Swordtooth, Exploration, and Ilysian Dryad aren't required but could slot here if you have copies. Here are some cards that pair with Slogurk to get this job done.

  1. Growth Spiral
  2. Explore
  3. Broken Bond
  4. Walking Atlas
  5. Scaled Herbalist
  6. Druid Class
  7. Oracle of Mul Daya
  8. Nissa, Steward of Elements - plus 0 ability.
  9. Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath
  10. Kiora, the Crashing Wave - the -1 ability.
  11. Azusa's Many Journeys  
  12. Azusa, Lost but Seeking
  13. Journey to the Lost City has a 45% of dropping extra lands onto the battlefield. It also represents a risky proposition as it will take 4 cards a turn into Exile. But the D20 can blowout a game.

:: Win Conditions ::

  1. Slogurk, the Overslime Commander Damage - many people hate the Commander damage rule, but Slogurk gets huge quickly. With 40 lands in the deck, they should be entering the grave frequently and growing Slogurk. With trample, you can swing through for the W with a huge commander.

  2. Ram Through - this spell allows you to slam Slogurk through and deal lethal damage to an opponent without an attack. This spell is especially devastating if there is only a 1/1 or mana dork since maximum damage will Trample through. The downside is you must have a creature to target that you do not control for this to work.

  3. Titania, Protector of Argoth OR Avenger of Zendikar - with so many lands which are able to enter the grave from the battlefield, you can create plenty of 5/3 green elementals or massive plant armies. It can be a loop with Slogurk bringing the lands back only to play and sacrifice them all over again. If this is done with lands that destroy opponents lands, you limit their ability to respond and close out a game! Pair these with Zuran Orb to turbocharge.

  4. Land Destruction Lockout - keeping players in check with land destruction is a legit line of play. If you can shut down the power player and keep them from casting spells, you can just Win Out.


I previously had Simic Ascendancy as a win condition and many +1/+1 counter cards in the deck. However, we found that in playtesting, Slogurk was being pulled in too many directions. Self Mill will be all that is needed for the Counters. You can even bump up to 50 Lands if necessary.

Tolaria West can transmute for ANY land or for Zuran Orb if you need to sac lands for Titania. You can find Boseiju and Channel it for an answer when no removal is handy. You can search for a Strip Mine or Vesuva to start the land destruction chain. The flexibility here is huge and since Simic does not normally have access to tutors, the effect is unexpected.

Token generation is an option to stay alive, but not for victory. Cards like Ayula's Influence and Bearscape - when the sexy version drops - exist to give you a board state. Other than Slogurk, you will not be attacking with many huge creatures for victory.

I actually removed Lightning Greaves because Shroud does not allow +1/+1 Counters to target Slogurk. This is one Commander you will happily let be removed.

Overall power level of this deck is 6.0/10.0. I argue that this is stronger than the average PreCon deck with a robust mana base, but we have boarded in a lack of quality removal options/board wipes and we have no infinite combos. We are vulnerable to graveyard hate and to opponents countering/killing our Commander. Without Slogurk, the deck barely works, so play around these vulnerabilities and slime your opponents!


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