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Runs like most Voltron Bogle decks in modern, using protection and pump auras like Hyena Umbra and Rancor receptively, and the granddaddy of all good enchantments, Daybreak Coronet !

I nice thing about this deck is that the mana curve is so low that having two lands and a 1-drop creature is almost always all you need, making mulligans pretty uncommon (which I've seen as a problem with other bogle decks)

If you like the deck or want to suggest some changes please make sure to comment! And as always, +1's are appreciated!

So I took this deck to its first modern tournament last night and it did quite well! I went 2-1, winning against Grixis delver and a mirror bogle deck and losing to a combo deck.

The mirror match was the most interesting to play against, I found that Sprit Mantle and sideboarding in Emerge Unscathed was the best way to win in that matchup.


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