a super weird build that combos a red white nahiri package, godo package, prison package, karn package, and skred package for a super wallet friendly modern deck that has an answer for most things in the format. This deck is weak against artifact removal, since our batterskull can be dealt with super easily post board, and in general acts like a better unfair deck post board. Our lockdown cards plus Karn package allow us to easily win game one and post board our additional threats and tech cards allow us to beat out fair decks that traditionally win game two and three. Why play this deck instead of another unfair deck in the format? well, first off, this deck will never get banned, but past that it is much more fun, and it is a lot more versatile game one allowing us to demolish fair decks while still having a good winrate against unfair decks.

Card Choices: Lands: The mana base is built so that I can have access to all of my colors in basics by turn 3 which is when I would be dropping a blood moon effect, our shocks and horizon lands aren't super important since they're likely to be basic mountains after turn 3. The only utility land we play, Sunbaked Canyon, is primarily here to draw us into our blood moon effects if we have to do so.

Creatures: None of our creatures are actually meant to win the game for us, we play Djeru to search out our actual win cons (our planeswalkers). We play Godo to search into play our batterskull, an alternate win con for the deck that, with enough mana we can make our batterskull invincible, it is also a really nice blocker to help us stabilize for the mid and late game. Magus of the moon is just blood moon copies 3-6, we play 3 magus instead of 4 blood moon and 2 magus because it can also smash face and therefore allows us to actually win games when our win cons are shut down.

Planeswalkers: Karn, the Great Creator is our primary win condition, it can be used to destroy all of our opponents lands and allows us to fetch extra win cons out of the board, this is one of the best cards for our deck and if we weren't playing Djeru we would play 4 copies of Karn. We play Nahiri for card filtering as well as a second way to get out our batterskull in the super late game. Koth is the traditional win con of skred and, although out classed by Karn, still allows for really nice beat down, swinging for 4 every turn with more utility is super useful and allows us to win games after our Karn has been shut down, super useful for postboard games once our Karn has been countered. Chandra is the last planeswalker I put into the deck but definitely not the worst, it does pretty much everything we could want and is a great way to make it through the early and mid game.

Spells: Our spells are super easy to talk about, we play 5 board wipes (3 anger, 2 wrath) and 12 spot removal cards, skred, bolt. and path. It allows us to deal with almost every deck very well.


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