1. This -Skill Borrower -deck is a thing of beauty!

Abilities to Borrow with Skill Borrower

Avatar of Woe - Destroy any creature.

Cunning Sparkmage - Ping damage. Also usefull in killing your own Golgari Thug to get any graveyard creature on top of your library.

Griselbrand - Get some cards. Also nice to get onto battlefield with Whisper, Blood Liturgist.

Merfolk Looter - Not so hot to borrow, but usefull as a creature in setting up or getting the top card.

Falkenrath Aristocrat - Protection and +1/+1 counters with humans.

Royal Assassin - Destroy any tapped creature.

Tree of Perdition - Now this is sweet! Tap Skill Borrower to make your opponent's life total 3.

Whisper, Blood Liturgist - Sacrifice two creatures to bring back something big. Interrupt speed!

Mindslaver - How about ruining your opponents game for ?

Rearrange your Library

Serum Visions - Draw one, scry 2.

Golgari Thug - Get a creture from graveyard on top and mill.

Merfolk Looter - Draw-discard to change to top card.

Halimar Depths - Rearrange top three.

Mortuary Mire - Put a creature from graveyard on top.

Sadistic Augermage - This should benifit you more than the opponent.

Codex Shredder - Mill one to change the top card. Second ability is also sweet.

Some Notes

  1. Conundrum Sphinx, Spoils of the Vault and Merfolk Looteralso benifit from knowing your top card.

  2. Necrotic Ooze is kinda like Skill Borrower except it looks at your graveyard.

  3. Land cards that shuffle your library change your top card.

  4. Batterskull - The deck has many creatures so there should be plenty of creatures to equip this with.


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