Sisay’s Chains


Work in progress... Suggestions are welcome!


The banning of Paradox Engine was a tough beat to Captain Sisay , no other commander or deck was hurt worse, than Sisay, in cEDH from this ban.

In an attempt to bring Captain Sisay back at a competitive level to cEDH, I have developed Sisay’s Chains (cEDH).

Version 1 was Sisay’s Chains V1 (cEDH) which was my attempt to compete with the the top tier cEDH decks in the format. Issue became that the faster I made the deck, moving from turn 5 to turn 4, the more susceptible it became to disruption. In addition the turn 5 version couldn’t compete because turn 5 was a little slow.

Version 2 Sisay’s Chains (cEDH) goal is to slow the game down with STAX effects and break parity with Gaea's Cradle or Growing Rites of Itlimoc  allowing us to combo later with protection (i.e. Silence , etc) and while mana is locked down for the opponents.

Recently moved to STAX package abandoning the “combo turn 4” plan. Will continue testing this latest version.



Ramp into Captain Sisay as rapidly as possible. Cross your fingers you get to untap with her...

If you get to untap with her, you have two options:

Captain Sisay + Nissa, Genesis Mage + The Chain Veil + Gideon, Martial Paragon + Karn, the Great Creator + Surrak, the Hunt Caller + Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

  1. Green Sun's Zenith is ramp on T1 with Dryad Arbor .
  2. Incubation Druid nets +5 mana during the combo if you can activate her adapt and still play Nissa, Genesis Mage . You need 9 mana minimum from other sources (excl. Incubation Druid ).
  3. Having a combo piece in hand is a good thing, makes the chances of comboing early higher. Nissa, Genesis Mage is the best combo piece to have as it allows you to go off in the same turn you fetch Gaea's Cradle , or vice versa. Other pieces allow you an additional fetch after you play The Chain Veil , like Garruk Wildspeaker and Mox Amber , which can allow you to access 32 mana easier.


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