I had recently created a Ramos' Superfriends/Goodstuff deck, and was going through the Spoiler for Modern Horizons, and found Sisay, Weatherlight Captain and thought that could be fun too!


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So I was playing against a Ezuri mono-green list and a Ehpara, God of the Polis list. I opened with an absolute banger of a hand (something like Bloom Tender, Sol Ring, and Mox Diamond all in the opener). However, playing through a board wipe (got rid of my Tender and Avacyn's Pilgrim at that point- and having all artifacts exiled with Merciless Eviction I just lost too much momentum, and 2/3 of the opponents scooped. I stuck it out, until a Cyclonic Rift overload finished off my will to continue! Fun deck, would love suggestions if you have them... Couldn't tell if I was just that unlucky to run into a Merciless Eviction, Cyclonic Rift Overload, and a Ugin, the Spirit Dragon wipe? Or if something like Privileged Position would be worth it?


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