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Sir Zndrsplt, aka How To Change The Commander Meta

Commander / EDH Aggro BRGW Casual Competitive Jank Theme/Gimmick Tokens Vorthos



I, Sir Zndrsplt, son of Zndrslt, eye of wisdom, will lead us to victory. We ride beneath the Dromoka dragons. Our stratergy is panned by elephants. We will be victorious against the evil Simic influence which rules the commander meta. To Victory!

This is an agressive deck, designed to kill the poorly-designed, simic VALUE decks and make them actually recognise that, although you might very well get your entire deck onto the battlefield, it doesn't help if it doesn't have any creatures that can be used to actually kill your opponents. We recognise that winning is more important than card advantage.

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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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