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Siona, Her Casually Competitive Hotness

Commander / EDH Enchant GW (Selesnya)




Siona started out as a more casual, budget build but I found that even on a budget she was powerful and fun.  I decided to upgrade the deck (especially the land base), which brought me to this current iteration.  She is a super fun combination of Voltron/Pillow Fort/Combo.  Suggestions are encouraged and appreciated.

How to win:

Play Siona or one of the beat down creatures and keep pumping them to turn sideways.  There is also the normal Siona combo package that allows you to win more consistently the turn you actually get millions of soldiers with Shielded by Faith .

Early game plan (Turns 1 - 5): Get the Enchantress draw engine going and play out one of the beat down creatures to start pumping and turning sideways.

Mid game plan (Turns 6 - 10): PROTECT YOUR BEATER.  There are a number of enchantments that will help you protect your stuff, while at the same time growing your beater.  By this point in the game, odds are, your attracting a lot of attention so you need to defend your damage dealer.  Trample effects will get the damage through, indestructible, and hexproof will protect the damage and the "destruction" auras will help neuter and problem creatures.  Keep drawing cards!

Late game (Turns 11+): You should be ahead on life total with the life gain package and beating people down.  Sometimes, a problem deck will have locked you down in some way though.  This is where you will want to go for the combo pieces.  Don't just play out Sheilded by Faith with Siona unless you have one of the other combo pieces.  The combo is VERY easy to stop without one of the other 3 pieces.


Black - This color has the ability to make Siona's life miserable.  To combat this, you can grab any of the specifically black hate.

Commander Damage - Most of the time, your life gain will keep you feeling pretty comfortable against normal, non-infinate, damage.  Commander damage can be a problem though.  We need to be able to keep some blockers back to mitigate this type of damage, or camp the creature hosing back for commanders that like to attack.

Flying - I noticed early on in this deck's life that flying creatures can be a real problem for Siona, which is why I included a number of anti-flying cards.

Chump Blockers -  This is a problem most Voltron strategies have.  Its very important to Tutor for trample, you can't lose attacks to 0/1 Thrulls.  Also, this deck has multiple Voltrons.  Play ONE AT A TIME.  Auras can only pump 1 creature at a time so there is no point playing out Kor Spiritdancer if you are already enchanting Yavimaya Enchantress .  You need to practice self control with this deck and leave backup plans in your hand, otherwise, a board wipe can put you back in the stone age.  Trying to "win more" will make you lose more with this deck.


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