Sick and sinister strike but not completely reliant on the Wild Defiance to win.

Got some all-star sinners they swing in and deliver the pain. Let's cut the chatter and begin.

Gurmag Swiftwing holding his own, the deck was made for him cuz he needed a home. Abilities stacked he finna take the throne breakin in an entry like he breakin ya bones.

Vault Skirge bringing life to keep you in the game. And a Wandering Wolf that seem far too deranged.

A Tormented Soul just slippin through the cracks. Hand em all a glock, cuz they ain't holdin back.


Pretty Self explanatory. Use Wild Defiance with the team and strap them up with instants as they swing. All of them have crazy cool abilities to either gain life, deal direct damage, or decimate you opponent from the air. Rebound lets them get massive leaving you open mana to make them even bigger.



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