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Sultai Genital Lice (I got crabs) Mill

Modern BUG (Sultai) Competitive Crab Landfall Lands Mill Tempo


I’ve seen a few u/G lists circling with phantasmal image and/or glasspool mimic and that’s really where this thought started to form in my brain. I didn’t like the reliance on the crabs to get the job done seeing as how it made the deck just another flaky mill deck, and raised the question of why not just run U/B turbo. Now that we have 8 crabs available to us, I figured a tempo shell with a Black inclusion was the way to go to get the best success. We need to be able to protect our guys, fend for several turns, enter value town, but also have steady ways of milling that don’t just involve the crabs, so let’s break down the card choices:

Explore/growth spiral: these help us to max out our crabs early. Solid turn 2 drop right after turn 1 crab. Turn 1 crab, turn 2 fetch, explore, fetch, or leave up remand, and spiral eot into fetch, is a great start to any game. However, they add great value after a visions into crab, and ultimately never suck as they trade for a card with the possibility of an extra land drop.

Pulse of Murasa: gives us a bit of resilience. Instant speed so you gotta love it. Gains us 6 effing life back so it’s clutch in aggro matchups, and either gives us value for a crab with another land, or gives us a crab back after bolt/push. Solid inclusion. Earned 4 slots in the 75 split 2 and 2.

Drown in the loch: gorgeous synergy with the deck and allows us options where push and remand don’t. Also hard counters in situations where that is just necessary.

Archive Trap/ Glimpse: obvious mill powerhouse inclusions. Fastest mill cards we have available in the color options. These are our go tos when we need the back up. These give the deck legs outside of just the crabs. The UG lists I was seeing run Maddening Cacophony + Fraying sanity, and while that’s cute, it just doesn’t have the punching power that glimpse has. And fraying sanity is super hit or miss.

Remand over Mana leak: remand just gives us a card which in this build is strictly the better option. We want to keep seeing lands,answers, and bombs. We don’t want to trade card for card as much as we can avoid it.

Visions of beyond: if this needs explaining I welcome you off my page.

Mission Briefing: our snap, however it can cast back archive trap for 0 with the trap cost. Bomb inclusion in the deck. Earned a 3 slot. Just value town on top with the surveil 2. Can possibly drop in an archive trap where there once wasn’t one.

The land base is pretty straightforward: 8 fetches, 4 shocks, 1 triome, oboro (obviously because we’re running 8 effing crabs), 2 draw lands ( can’t run more because they can hurt us in the aggro match ups) 4 basics, 2 ghost quarters to try and push an archive and disrupt the mana base (no I will not run field of ruin, I don’t care that it forces the search, the 2 mana is not worth it to me)

As far as the sideboard goes, I think that’s pretty straightforward too:

Assassins trophy: kills any permanent; artifact, enchantment, creature, planes walker, land, but it can also help to set up an archive trap in the early turns when the opponent might be more likely to take the search.

Nature’s claim: good against blood moon or choke seeing as though we have 1 forest and may not have the time to grab the swamp for assassins trophy before it’s too late. Also we just don’t care about the life at all. Really good against turn 0 leyline too.

Ravenous trap: good against any graveyard strat especially dredge. We help decks like that big time when they start the game with a good grip so it’s great to have a no cost answer.

Veil of summer: just oh so very good. Helps to protect our crabs from push, and protect our spells against counter magic, also keeps us safe from discard spells. All for 1 mana. Solid inclusion in the board.

Surgical is just an obvious mill sideboard staple.

So the object of the game is to try and mill obviously, but also be reactive with disruption, ultimately allowing us to make more land drops and mill steadily. We want to keep drawing and keep getting to more land drops and more crabs. This isn’t just some flaky mill deck that either turbos or busts, and it also isn’t some sphynx’s tutelage nonsense that drags the game out. It’s a strong, consistent, tempo mill deck that performs well and is surprisingly resilient. Having 8 star players to form a shell around was the way to go for mill to hopefully become more competitive.

Comment anything you think I could do. I’m open to feedback, as long as you’re open to conversation. I’ve playtested this to some significant success on untap.in and I’ll run it with whoever, whenever so you can see how it plays. Thanks in advance!


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