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Silverquill: Putting Eloquence into Politics

Commander / EDH WB (Orzhov)


Sharp Style, Sharp Wit. That is the motto of the college of Silverquill, and that is what this deck tries to emulate. My goal is use the power of spells associated with the College of Silverquill's ability to manipulate their words, for either good or ill, and to try and use the political nature of Commander and Shadrix to my advantage. Just like the inklings who serve as mascot to this slippery college, I will try and see just how well my cutting words and strategy can chip away at the life force of my opponents!

Silverquill students major in Communications, Ethics, Foreign Languages, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Rhetoric, Public Relations, Speech and Writing, and any other subject that may be related to these subjects. Thus, the majority of my deck is centred around these subjects as well as known Silverquill staff members and students, such as the Deans, Killian, Felisa, Nils, Fain, Silverquill Silencer, Elite Spellbinder, etc. Combat Calligrapher, Poet's Quill and Author of Shadows are also obvious choices for the Writing category. Song of the Worldsoul, Monolgue Tax, Vanishing Verse, Exhilarating Elocution and Cunning Rhetoric fell easily into the Speech segment. Closing Statement fitted into all of them, especially Law - debates and essays always have a proper closing statement.

Tempting Contract, Coveted Jewel, Cruel Entertainment, Cut a Deal, Teysa and Hex are my political pieces alongside my Commander. My opponents will either be forced to stand in each other's shoes for a bit, choose whether or not they want to attack me or try not to get tempted by potential Treasures. Sounds like fun to me!

I have not tested this deck out yet, but I still welcome any and all suggestions for improvements to the deck.

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