This is a tribal mono-green wolf deck, looking to produce as many token creatures, go wide on board and overwhelm your opponent.

You play Young Wolf for sticky early board presence, Duskwatch Recruiter   to add a creature card in hand from your library, Silverfur Partisan summons wolf tokens and Spirit of the Hunt preserves on board presence, while Nightpack Ambusher buffs your board.

For buffs you play Howlpack Resurgence (trample), Blossoming Defense (hexproof) and Vines of Vastwood (hexproof). Beast Within for removal, Fog to prevent combat damage and Wild Defiance for the overkill.

Transforming to Krallenhorde Howler cheats on casting your creature cards. Spirit of the Hunt, Nightpack Ambusher and Howlpack Resurgence are versatile (flash).

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.


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