Welcome to Silent Naus! A Hypocritical Ad Naus deck.

So why did I make this deck?

Pretty simple, I was talking with my homies in the Yeva discord, and we had stumbled upon the topic of Tevesh / Ishai, with some inspiration from my friend, I ran off and made this list. After making this list, I looked up other Tevesh / Ishai brews, and found the HEMAN list, it's a similar list that runs Humility to shut off creature based combos, even shutting off Thassa's Oracle, while leveraging Tevesh and a few other Planeswalkers to get ahead.

I liked this strategy as well, but decided to keep to my original idea; an Ad Naus deck that pressures other Naus decks with Ishai and a suite of hate pieces and Silence effects to stop combo turns. Instead of Humility, our strong hate piece we run to stop, or slow Breach / naus decks, is Rest in Peace, in Esper, we typically don't rely on our graveyard, so this doesn't slow us at all, and turns off breach lines.

Play this deck if you like Midrange decks, you like Ad Nauseam Strategies, but you also still want to win if your Ad Naus get's stopped. If you like pressuring meta decks, while playing like a meta deck, and you enjoy having a strong feeling of inevitability with your deck.
Why do I play Tevesh and Ishai, instead of perhaps Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator and Tymna the Weaver or some other esper commander? There are a few reasons behind this, but I think ultimately its due to the meta. Currently, at least for me and a large variety of the games im in, we have a grindy, creature based meta, with the spattering of ad naus, and stax. Tymna doesn't particularly play well with other creature-based strategies, and though Malcolm could solve some of our mana problems we can bump into, it's really not worth the trade for me and my meta.

As it stands, Tevesh provides great inevitability to the game, great card draw, and some good blockers. at the very least, he can be a meat shield to keep our life total healthier for a better Ad Nauseam . Ishai pressures other Naus decks, and can also become a win con if nessecary, even though she doesn't become as scary as she could as quickly if you were to partner her with Jeska, Thrice Reborn, she still gets there, and I've won a fair share of games either due to commander damage or just pushing the naus player off of a good naus.

Ultimately, it up to you and your discretion whether or not to play these commanders, or swap them out for commanders that work better for you and your meta.

The game plan really differs on turn order and decks we're playing around. As cEDH players we can't ignore the strengths of going first, if we go first it's perfectly acceptable to toss away our hand until we get a fast hand that either puts one of our commanders out, or Ad Nauseam, I've even turn 1'd Smothering Tithe or Rhystic Study which are both quite good. If we aren't going first and we need to consider faster decks at the table, typically mulliganing for mana, and some interaction is best. Due to the nature of our commanders, it's up to the pilot to choose which commander to play in which circumstances, A lot of the times, if there is a Breach / Naus deck at the table I will try to squeeze an Ishai out as early as possible to pressure their life totals. In slower pods, I'll focus on getting Tevesh out quickly for his card advantage, and his ultimate is quite the threat to most pods as well. Plenty of games have been won off of a huge Ad Nauseam with a full life total because the creature decks were focused on Tevesh.

So, to put it more simply. Step 1: Ramp. Step 2: Establish card advantage or Pressure. Step 3: Win.

We have a few ways to win. 1. Ad Nauseam cast this to look for win con, typically Thassa's Oracle + Demonic Consultation. You can make the Naus bigger by holding priority and casting Angel's Grace 2. Thoracle, Thassa's Oracle + Demonic Consultation / Tainted Pact 3. Manual Storm. Sensei's Divining Top + Bolas's Citadel + Aetherflux Reservoir. Even though this combo seems like it has a lot of pieces, all the pieces are strong individually. 4. Commanders. Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools ultimate or Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker commander damage are both prevalent and win plenty of games.
If you use proxies and want some extra drip for your commanders, here are some!


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