Hey Guys, i've allways wanted to build a Reanimator Deck since i joined the EDH-Community in 2014. Back then, Sidisi was a brand new card from the Tarkir Block and i loved the Design. I've tried to build an EDH-Deck for around 6 months, but my skills to build a proper EDH-deck were not existent at that point. So my initial attempt of a deck went back into my collection. In the last seven years i played many EDH-Games with my friends and learned much about deck building from podcasts like "the command-zone", so i decided to try a new attempt on a Reanimator-Deck. And this is it: Sidisi, Brood Tyrant and her Brood of Tyrants!

The main goal of the deck is very simple to describe in three steps:

  1. Bring Sidisi out as fast as possible.
  2. Mill yourself afterwards to create tokens and to bring the goodstuff into your graveyard.
  3. Use the graveyard as a second hand to play with.

Because of the high amount of awesome value cards, i'm still stuck at cutting cards from my list. So please let me know if you have any ideas, which cards to cut and maybe which cards i could include furthermore.

Cards I already cut from the List are going into the sideboard, so you can see the changes.

Best regards



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