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Cast Flash revealing Protean Hulk instantly killing it.
  1. Off of your Protean Hulk you want to search for Phyrexian Delver and Viscera Seer . Reanimare Protean Hulk then sacrifice it to Viscera Seer . From there we search for Mikaeus, the Unhallowed and Walking Ballista . From there you sacrifice Walking Ballista to Viscera Seer which will trigger undying on the Walking Ballista . When it comes back into play from the trigger you remove the counter from it, then you hit a player for one damage. After that you sacrifice it to Viscera Seer which triggers undying again, and you repeat this dealing infinate damage to all of your opponents.
With various mana dorks and other forms of ramp it allows us to cast this combo a lot faster than usual by just dropping Food Chain and sacrificing your dorks do play misthallow griffin. This allows you to tutor for them on earlier turns since all you need is ramp and/or mana dorks.

Once you have resolved Food Chain and Misthollow Griffin you exile it to Food Chain over and over to produce infinate mana to cast ONLY CREATURE SPELLS. Once you have infinate mana cast and exile Sidisi, Brood Tyrant over and over to mill your whole deck and make a lot of zombie tokens. At this point you flashback Dread Return from your graveyard, and from here you have a few options.

  1. The main plan is to reanimate Eternal Witness to get back Walking Ballista to your hand, and cast it for enough damage to kill everyone with the mana you made from Food Chain then ping everyone to death.

  2. Another way to do a Laboratory Maniac win off of foodchain requires more cards to be in your deck and requires extra mana. This is better to go for it you have ramped heavily or the game has just gone a little long. Mill your whole deck with by casting and exiling Sidisi, Brood Tyrant with the infinate mana you made earlier. You then want to flashback Dread Return targeting your Laboratory Maniac in your graveyard to put it back into play. You then flashback Memory's Journey targeting a cantrip which will be Gitaxian Probe in a perfect world because we can cast it for free. You then flashback Flash of Insight exiling a blue card to make X = 1 so you draw the cantrip then you cast it to trigger labman for the win. This combo requires an extra ,, and to pull off, but it is also a more consisten way to win with Laboratory Maniac .


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