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Death isn't a finality. Let me show you true power

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How naive. You believe death is the end.

Hello and welcome to my favorite commander Sidisi, Brood Tyrant ! She is a complete powerhouse whether you choose to be competitive, semi-competitive, or casual/budget. I first made her in a semi-casual fashion in order to keep her low-key for my playgroup. However, as they got better, Sidisi needed to as well. It has gone through many iterations and while I am still tweaking it slightly, this form has shown to be consistent and powerful.

It is here that I need to give credit to my good friend on tapped out Lilbrudder. He helped me develop Sidisi , as well as my own skills for other decks, into a competitive level that is a monster for others to deal with. I'll cite the deck that I copied card-for-card (at first), but have since made my own tweaks for my playgroup as well as any cards I may not have liked in playtesting

All Nightmare Long (SBT Primer)

I cannot thank him enough for his insight and help.

We specifically play ZERO basics so that Hermit Druid can mill our entire library. He can usually be brought out turn 2 or 3 consistently with the amount of dorks and rocks that we play. Green Sun's Zenith also tutors for him 99% of the time.

Once the deck is milled completely, the first choice in how to win is to Dread Return targeting Necrotic Ooze . If milled with Hermit Druid you will have (at minimum) 2 creatures on the board ( Hermit Druid and Narcomoeba as it will trigger when put into the graveyard). Since you need three for Dread Return 's flashback, Fatestitcher has been included since it can be unearthed for . Usually, there is a dork on the battlefield that can be sacrificed as well.

Assuming this resolves, Necrotic Ooze will now be on the battlefield. There are a multitude of cards in your graveyard that make this a win condition.

Step 1: Blighted Bat allows for Necrotic Ooze to have haste. Usually, this is done assuming Wall of Roots is in the graveyard so you can put a -1/-1 counter on Necrotic Ooze to add which can then be used to activate Blighted Bat 's ability. Once haste has been enabled, Necrotic Ooze can officially win at instant speed.

Step 2: At this point, you can then tap Necrotic Ooze with Channeler Initiate 's ability by removing the -1/-1 counter and adding a mana of any color to your mana pool. Next, you untap him with Devoted Druid 's ability by putting a -1/-1 counter on Necrotic Ooze . Repeat this process from the start of step 2. This allows for infinite colored mana.

Step 3: An arguably "should not have been printed" card, you will also have a Walking Ballista in the graveyard. With infinite mana, you can activate Necrotic Ooze to put an infinite number of +1/+1 counters on himself to then ping everyone at the table with Walking Ballista 's second ability.

Note - Cephalid Inkshrouder (assuming it is in the graveyard) is an instant speed way to protect Necrotic Ooze once it is on the battlefield. While we do tend to go through our hand quickly, we do usually get to have one or two available. Also, even if anyone does target Necrotic Ooze and your empty handed, hopefully you'll have multiple mana to try and give it haste again to continue and win at instant speed.

There is a second way to win once the library is milled, but it is a little more mana intensive. I have included Deep Analysis so that, if necessary, we can Dread Return Laboratory Maniac . After he resolves, we cast Deep Analysis for its flashback cost in the attempt to win the game. If an opponent has interaction to remove Laboratory Maniac we have Memory's Journey to put any combo pieces back on top to try and win the next turn.

For those that may not know what Flash Hulk means, it is the combination of two cards: Flash and Protean Hulk . Flash will immediately put Protean Hulk into the graveyard to allow for his trigger WITHOUT INTERRUPTION. This is an important note, if Flash resolves, your opponents CANNOT try to Path to Exile nor Swords to Plowshares Protean Hulk (nor react in any other way) before it dies. Flash forces the creature to be sacrificed as part of the resolution of the spell which works in our favor. In saying all of that, cards like Stifle , Repudiate / Replicate , Disallow (even though with Disallow I'm sure they would have countered the Flash ) can still interact with the Protean Hulk trigger after Flash resolves. However, once Protean Hulk 's trigger resolves there are two main piles to go, with a third being situational.

Pile 1 - Main: Hermit Druid + Deathrite Shaman + Mogis's Marauder . Mogis's Marauder 's trigger will see (at minimum) two devotion between himself and Deathrite Shaman which you target Deathrite Shaman and Hermit Druid . With both of those now having haste, you tap Deathrite Shaman for mana (assuming there is a land in any graveyard) to activate Hermit Druid and win with the combination already mentioned under Hermit Druid 's tab.

Pile 2 - Against Graveyard Hate: Hermit Druid + Hapless Researcher + Laboratory Maniac . This pile is mainly for those games that someone may have graveyard hate readily available or already on the battlefield. You activate Hermit Druid (potentially exiling your deck) to then sacrifice Hapless Researcher to win with Laboratory Maniac on the battlefield. Heads up, this pile is obviously fairly fragile. It is one of those "I can't win anyway" or "all other combos are gone" type of combos.

Pile 3 - Versatility: Jace, Vryn's Prodigy   + Apprentice Necromancer + Hermit Druid / Hapless Researcher + a one mana dork. If Hermit Druid or Laboratory Maniac is in the hand or graveyard, either can be discarded to Jace, Vryn's Prodigy   to then be reanimated by (or reanimated first if they're in the graveyard) by Apprentice Necromancer .

So this combo is a little more mana intensive and restricted than the other combos in the deck. However, it can still be assembled with ease with the amount of dorks and tutors that we use.

With Food Chain and Eternal Scourge on the battlefield, you exile Eternal Scourge to Food Chain which will net you 4 mana of ONE color, that can ONLY BE USED TO CAST CREATURE SPELLS (you cannot activate creature abilities). With three of that mana, you cast Eternal Scourge which will net you one each time. Repeat this process to make infinite mana, again, that can ONLY BE USED TO CAST CREATURE SPELLS. After infinite mana is made, you cast Sidisi to mill the top three. You exile her to Food Chain to recast her (because of infinite mana) to mill your entire library. You will have made enough zombies to sacrifice them to Dread Return to win with the Necrotic Ooze combo, or Laboratory Maniac + Deep Analysis mentioned in the Hermit Druid tab.

There is one other line that can be used here. Instead of bringing Necrotic Ooze back, you can target Eternal Witness to put Walking Ballista in your hand which can then be cast with the infinite mana to ping everyone at the table.

Graveyard Hate ( Leyline of the Void , Rest in Peace , Tormod's Crypt , Relic of Progenitus , ect).

While this does hurt us and slows us down, we do have interaction in the deck to deal with these problems: Assassin's Trophy , Abrupt Decay , Nature's Claim and Chain of Vapor . Of course, we do have counterspells if they're in hand when our opponent goes to cast graveyard hate. Once any of these resolve, it could be better to hold the removal spell until you're ready to win the game. Obviously, judge this on a case by case basis.

We also have two combos that can win through graveyard hate. Laboratory Maniac and Tainted Pact (most likely in your own upkeep if there is no instant speed draw available) allows us to exile our library and win when we go to draw. The other combination is Food Chain , Eternal Scourge , and having the Walking Ballista in hand.

Blood Moon or Magus of the Moon

This is actually impossible for us to fight through if we don't already have color fixing on the board. We are usually faster than decks that can't ramp this out before turn three, but they are still notable cards that make us just concede if we're not set up.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

Another card that stops us. We do have the potential Food Chain , Eternal Scourge , and Walking Ballista (all in hand) to get through this, but that could be hard to get, as well as hard to keep on the battlefield without dorks to ramp and cast everything in one turn. We do have one nice deck tech to stop this which is Gilded Drake . I truly debated taking this card out as it just seemed unnecessary, but it has proven its place more than once in this exact situation. It also helps against other difficult creatures such as Linvala, Keeper of Silence , any troublesome commander, and of course any creature in any situation that may need to buy you time or just disrupt your opponent.

Any cards that are not in the above descriptions I believe are easily understood about their position in the deck. Of course, I am willing to answer any and all questions as well as take criticism and feedback about the deck. Thanks for taking a look!


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This deck is a blast to play. I love the colors, it is my favorite commander, and it is immediately targeted by everyone in my playgroup (which is annoying, but it means that I'm powerful enough to be afraid of). This deck is in its competitive prime and one that I will continue to play for years to come.

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