When Shu Yun hits the table, everyone should be running for cover. The humble, unassuming 3-mana 3/2 wouldn't strike you as that much of a problem, but a combination of Prowess and a built-in way to give himself Double Strike make the Silent Tempest one of the meanest Jeskai commanders you can field. If you've ever wanted your Commander deck to consist of exactly one dude just throwing punches and obliterating everyone at the table through combat damage, then Shu Yun is the guy for you.

Bonus points if you shout "WAHHN PAHHHNCH" every time you hit someone for 11 damage with double strike.

Creatures: None The only creature you need in a Shu Yun deck is Shu Yun. He handles literally everything you need, trust me. No, you don't want Feather in this deck. No, you don't want Monastery Mentor. This is Shu Yun's show, let him be the one to take your opponents on a one-way trip to Hurt City.

Instants and Sorceries: These fall into a few categories. The most important of these are the R: Give a dude +3/+whatever. Two of these, plus double strike, and Shu Yun will be landing for 22 damage. In the Commander format, that means whatever unfortunate soul was standing there when Shu Yun unleashed the dragon just lost the game. In spectacular fashion.

Then, you've got your "avoid getting blocked" stuff, like Leap, Slip Through Space, etc. These are all great fun and let you actually, you know, hit the face. Shu Yun can easily obliterate any creature you opponent throws into him, but that's not what we're here for. Shu Yun hits face or he's not attacking. I don't make the rules, I just enforce them.

"Protection from whatever" spells are sort of in this category, though these are also pseudo-counters for targeted removal.

Removal, including both creature and artifact/enchantment varieties, is important. We've got Swords and Path, along with plentiful Disenchant effects, to keep things clear for Shu Yun to do his thing. The last thing you need is someone's Blood Moon or Nevermore completely ruining your plans.

Of course, you've got a decent suite of countermagic here, including the three "free with commander" spells that all function as ways to keep our boy from getting caught by a random kill spell. Generally speaking, you want to leave up hard counter magic for things that make you sacrifice creatures, and match off "indesctructible" and "protection" effects with the spells that they'll directly stop.

Likewise, we're rocking some tutors and filtering to make sure we're seeing gas. Treasure Cruise is the main card draw spell here, so don't feel bad about tutoring it up with Mystical Tutor.

Some notes here: Rebound spells are pure money. Getting the initial burst of Prowess is great and then seeing it come back again next turn without charging you extra mana is even better. The same can be said to a lesser extent of cards with Flashback. Any opportunity to squeeze double the value out of your cards is well worth it in this deck.

Artifacts: A lot of this deck's late-game power is going to come from equipment cards like Runechanter's Pike and Sword of Feast and Famine. Anything that has text involving "when this creature deals combat damage" is worth considering in Shu Yun, as you'll probably be landing twice every turn. See also: Goldvein Pick. Inquisitor's Flail makes lethal that much easier, while Hero's Blade is self-explanatory. We've got two different tutors for these equipment spells, so make sure you know which ones you want at various stages of the game. As for the utility artifacts, we've got two. One, Scroll of the Masters, is playing a really similar role to our equpiment. The other is Top. You know why Top is here.

The mana rocks are all two-cost or lower because this deck has an extremely low curve. You should be killing people on turn 4 or 5, so 3-cost rocks aren't going to cut it here.

Enchanments: There aren't many good enchantments for Shu Yun, but there is one to keep an eye on: Jeskai Ascendency. Giving the guy "Double Prowess" is pretty brutal, as is getting to loot on each prowess trigger.

Planeswalkers: The two 'walkers in this deck are here for roughly the same reason: making Shu Yun hit even harder. The Royal Scions help you filter your deck a bit when you need it, and their other +1 makes Shu Yun get a bit of extra power and trample. That's a win/win in this deck! Their ult reads "win the game" for Shu Yun, as a refilled grip and a big bolt for an opposing blocker means someone's about to get punched. Jeska's only relevent text in this list is "triple damage". Cast her, give Shu Yun Double Strike, and then use her 0. Shu Yun, with four power, will now be dealing 24 damage to whoever he hits. Yeah, that'll do it.

Bottom Line: Cast Shu Yun and get ready to rumble. Try to not leave him too exposed. If you can help it, leave up at least one protection spell, whether that's a counter or something to give him indestructible or "protection from" at instant speed. From there, the only important thing to keep in mind is the math on Prowess. Generally speaking, you should be trying to get Shu Yun's power to 11 and give him double strike every single turn. When you see an opponent exposed, go for the kill.

There's no commander in Magic quite like Shu Yun. If you want to play out your deepest Bruce Lee fantasies and go all "Enter the Dragon" on your local playgroup, this is the deck for you.


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