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Had tried yorion here before zendikar and Kaldheim came out and hadn't been happy with how it felt. Now though, with mill being so prevalent, 80 card decks do seem to be a good idea.

This allows for a little more protection in the form of Brazen Borrower , Keep Safe and Heroic Intervention

Kaya the Inexorable has been added for her ability to exile problems but also in the hopes that if needed, her ultimate can be used to rebuild after getting Ugin'd.

The one addition I have made to the wishboard that I think has some potential here is Lithoform Engine , double the triggers, double the fun XD.

Sea Gate Restoration   will be staying, its a great hand refill mid-game if for some reason your shrines aren't online yet and it works really well with Sanctum of Calm Waters late game.

Alrund's Epiphany is also being considered.

Evolution of the Shrines Show

As you can see this deck has been on quite the journey, I plan on keeping it going until shrines rotate.


Updates Add

Just a very quick update to let all the shrine players out there know that Lithoform Engine is, as expected, an amazing fit with shrines.


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