Our commander depicts a virtuous & protective love, expressed through fairness. They have a deep connection with all nature's forms. They commit to the board, and they believe that it takes an entire village to raise an army. Commander is about having fun doing what you love. I LOVE what I love about Magic. But the way that phrase sounds feels awkward, underscoring the difficulty of properly conveying such a notion. So I want to say it again, and slower. I love the things I love about Magic. And so we arrive at the eternal question:

In this case, love is a game state absent of friction. When your development comes at the expense of other players, it can't help but feel marred. Kynaios and Tiro build a game state that is marked by a tranquility and even-keeled cooperation. Every game has these moments of peace, and in every game, as the stakes build, the peace, friendliness and fairness dissolves. Or rather, it fades beyond. And maybe this is true of all stories. All myths. It is the journey, rather than the destination, where redemption- in the personal sense- springs forth. Perhaps clerverly (or perhaps purposefully) this love centers on our attentiveness to detail and our connection to and embrace of each other in this complex, geometrical saga of studiousness, pursuit, reaching, thinking and developing called Magic!

It is perhaps most succinctly captured, and thus reflected upon, in these moments of fading, where, as the ideas and feelings vanish, the absolute mystery of it all becomes acutely present to us as fleeting opportunities for moments of joyful harmony, even if they do come infrequently, after which, we move on.

It is this element of 'going for it' that is present in Kynaios and Tiro as a commander. The Dudes abide. They replenish. They restore. They redeem. The will IS the way. The moment is its loss. The players are the empty chairs and table. The dissolution is its emergence. Life is a Ghirapur Orrery. It is a razor sharp line between everything and nothing, combined into one Stalwart Unity. And it fills us, and it bleeds us. And it chills us, and it grieves us. It protects, and yet deceives us.

And in this ever on-going unknowing is a bridge that rests within us, a bridge to what we love best about Magic. Drawing cards, which symbolizes the growth of newness, the novelty of time. Putting your lands into play, which symbolizes the accumulation of personal will, only to have that determination slowly fade into memory, much like the idea of a mountain top being clearer from the plain. And finally, Kynaios and Tiro support all players staying relatively even. Their ability is "altruism." In the wisdom of our memories, in the school playgrounds of our soul, we come upon our hero self who shows us the outlier of our organism. Kynaios and Tiro are a memory in some ways. They're an end step action which resembles the beginning of our turn. To be the alpha and the omega. To behold, through endless paradox, the wonder of each moment. In keeping with the Theros plane, one could understand, by virtue of the open nature of reality, how people throughout the ages could have created such magnificent sagas and stories that crudely but significantly attempted to capture the dynamic of something so unquantifiable as existence.

Thanks for reading!

Rainbow Vale Show

Gemstone Caverns Show

Wheel of Fortune Show

Bazaar of Baghdad Show

Disallow Show

Noble Benefactor Show

Deserted Temple Show

In keeping with the flavor of a Jeskai-Green deck, I leave you with poetry:

They say to me in their awakening, 'you and the world you live in are but a grain of sand upon the infinite shore of an infinite sea.'

And in my dream I say to them, 'I am the infinite sea, and all worlds are but grains of sand upon my shore.'

~Khalil Gibran Gibran, Sand and Foam

Making this deck and sharing it has been a lot of fun. Thank you, everyone.



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The Ever-Elusive Turn One Godhand (and the kill) with a special assist from Daedalus19876

One of the nice parts about Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis is using the trigger to gas back up with a higher frequency. The case for including fast colored mana sources becomes much more viable when the card you expend to do so, i.e. Gemstone Caverns / Mox Diamond or else Lotus Petal / Simian Spirit Guide is replaced immediately via their end step trigger.

As a fun exercise, I decided to imagine my Godhand, and eventually I came up with this. If anyone has suggestions for additional means of casting Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis on turns one or two, I will be grateful.

So for this exercise, our opening hand is Elvish Spirit Guide , Mana Crypt , Lotus Cobra , Skullclamp , Veteran Explorer , Phantasmal Image , Lotus Petal . We are playing a multiplayer game, and we are going first. Our draw for the opening turn is Gaea's Cradle .

We play Mana Crypt to make . We cast Skullclamp , going down to . We exile Elvish Spirit Guide making a and cast Lotus Cobra . We play Lotus Petal and cast Veteran Explorer . We play a land for our turn, and it is Gaea's Cradle , triggering Lotus Cobra for mana.

Now we tap Gaea's Cradle and add to our pool. We use one of the and our floating to cast Phantasmal Image becoming a copy of Veteran Explorer . One remains in the pool.

We use the to equip the Veteran Explorer with Skullclamp and it dies, triggering its ability as well as triggering Skullclamp . We resolve the ability of Veteran Explorer first and find an untapped Forest and Island . We have zero mana floating.

When the lands enter, the Lotus Cobra triggers twice, adding two mana to our pool.

We resolve the trigger from Skullclamp and draw Earthcraft and Heartbeat of Spring . We tap the island for mana and cast Heartbeat of Spring .

We can tap our Forest so our pool has .

We can use to cast Earthcraft . If you have played with Earthcraft before, you may want to stop reading at this point, but in case you are curious, the following outlines a common kill method using the insane amounts of free mana that Earthcraft can generate with Rhys the Redeemed .

We start by tapping the Phantasmal Image to make . Because we have access to all colors, for ease of reading, I will keep track of our mana numerically. We tap Lotus Cobra and make 2 more. We now have 4 in our pool.

Going down to 3 mana, we spend 1 to equip the Skullclamp to the Phantasmal Image , but it is sacrificed once becoming the target of an ability, so we trigger its ability as the Veteran Explorer to find two untapped basics.

We search for a Mountain and a Plains and tap them in addition to triggering Lotus Cobra for 6 additional mana. We now have 9 mana and no cards in our hand.

We spend a mana, going to 8, to equip the Skullclamp to the Lotus Cobra and draw two cards.

We draw Siege-Gang Commander and Phyrexian Metamorph . We spend 5 mana, going to 3 mana floating to cast Siege-Gang Commander . We spend our remaining mana to cast Phyrexian Metamorph by paying . It enters as a copy of Siege-Gang Commander . We again have zero mana, and no cards in our hand.

We tap our two copies of Siege-Gang Commander and the 6 goblin tokens to add 16 colored mana to our mana pool. We go down to 15 mana and equip the Skullclamp to a goblin token.

We draw Reveillark and Oracle of Mul Daya .

We go to 11 mana and cast Oracle of Mul Daya . We reveal Hanweir Battlements on the top of our library. We play it as our additional land drop for the turn. After we play it, the card on top of our library is Minamo, School at Water's Edge .

We tap Oracle of Mul Daya for mana, going to 13, we spend 6 to evoke Reveillark , going to 7. The trigger from Reveillark returns Phantasmal Image and Veteran Explorer .

Phantasmal Image enters as a copy of Oracle of Mul Daya . We tap it and Veteran Explorer for 4 more mana, and we play Minamo, School at Water's Edge from the top of our library as our third land for the turn. After playing Minamo, School at Water's Edge , the top card revealed is Rhys the Redeemed .

With 11 mana now in our pool, we use one and go to 10 mana to re-equip the Veteran Explorer with Skullclamp . We resolve the trigger from Skullclamp , drawing Rhys the Redeemed and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker . We then find two basics with Veteran Explorer and tap them for mana. So we now have 14 floating.

Going to 9, we play Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and activate it to make a copy of Siege-Gang Commander . We tap the Siege-Gang Commander token and the additional 3 goblin tokens to go back up to 17 mana.

We go to 16 and play Rhys the Redeemed . We spend , going to 15 to activate the Hanweir Battlements , in order to give our Rhys the Redeemed haste. We spend 6 mana to activate the second ability of Rhys the Redeemed . We now have 9 mana in our mana pool.

Rhys doubles the 8 goblin tokens in play going up to 16 goblins, and also makes an additional token copy of Siege-Gang Commander that had originally entered via Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker which provides an additional 3 for a total of one Siege-Gang Commander , one artifact version of Siege-Gang Commander two token copies of Siege-Gang Commander and then 19 1/1 goblin tokens.

We activate the ability of Minamo, School at Water's Edge , going down to 8 mana, and untap Rhys the Redeemed . We go down to 2 mana and activate Rhys the Redeemed an additional time.

We get 2 additional token copies of Siege-Gang Commander , which confuses the shit out of the goblin army because now they have literally no idea who to take orders from, plus the incoming tokens make an additional 6 goblins to go with the 19 that were just doubled, so we now have (19x2)+6 or 44 goblin tokens, 4 token copies of Siege-Gang Commander an original copy and also an artifact copy for a grand total of 50 goblins all together.

At last, we reach the final step of this exercise. How to kill was never the point of doing this, it was more about how fast could we open up, since the kill is more or less a matter of routine, but that being said, we can use Skullclamp one final time to draw... what else? (It is a Godhand afterall) the Wargate and we cast our Wargate where equals to find the plain, old, boring Deserted Temple ... you know, the kind of land you could introduce to your mother. We activate Deserted Temple to untap Minamo, School at Water's Edge a final time. We use Minamo, School at Water's Edge to untap Rhys the Redeemed who is exhausted at this point from siring all these goblin children. We activate Rhys the Redeemed , and boom, 88 goblins, plus 12 more from the 4 additional Siege-Gang Commander copies for a grand total of 100, and there you have it. Each goblin can tap itself thanks to Earthcraft to sacrifice itself and deal two damage to your opponent thanks to Siege-Gang Commander , and voila, you win on the spot. Congratulations.

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