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Shirtless Bearfighter

Commander / EDH


This deck is thematically inspired by a recent comic book Shirtless Bear Fighter. As Surrak Dragonclaw is a documented bear fighter ("Both his rank and his scars were earned in single combat against a cave bear."), it seemed appropriate that he be the commander of this deck.

The spirit behind the deck is to cast/create bears and make creatures fight each other.

While not tribal in the creature type sense. This is a "Bear art" tribal deck. 44 cards have either a bear (or near bear) in the artwork. Looking at just the creatures, 28 of 30 have at least one bear (or near bear) in the artwork. 16 creatures have "Bear" as a subtype.

Of the 61 non-land and non-commander cards in the deck, 13 cards are cards that do not reference "shirtless", "bear", or "fight".

Violations are the following:

2 creature

  1. Ixidron - While technically not wearing a shirt, is not humanoid, so I don't think it counts. A wincon and functional board wipe. Additionally, works well with Arcane Adaptation and any tribal cards.
  2. Rattleclaw Mystic - Obvious mana dork. Can essentially store three mana for a future turn. There IS a bear claw watermark, but doesn't count.

2 Instants

  1. Hibernation - Wizards messed this card up, it should CLEARLY have bears on it, but it doesn't. Can return (essentially) all non-tokens to my hand - saving them from a board wipe.
  2. Trap Essence - This is a counterspell, just in case. Also boosts attack power of one creature enabling Ferocious in most cases.There IS a bear claw watermark, but doesn't count.

4 Artifacts

  1. Atarka Monument - Obvious color fixing and ramp. Can also provide much-needed flying defense, as this deck will get hosed by fliers. There IS a bear claw watermark, but doesn't count.
  2. Hedron Archive - Obvious ramp and later card draw.
  3. Temur Banner - Obvious color fixing, ramp, and later card draw. There IS a bear claw watermark, but doesn't count.
  4. Vanquisher's Banner - Best case scenario: Arcane Adaptation + Vanquisher's Banner each creature gets +1/+1 and draws me a card. Worst case scenario: 5 mana +1/+1 to all bears and draws me a card for half (16/30) of my cast creatures.

3 Sorceries

  1. Biomantic Mastery - Card draw for days. The characters on the card look like they're fight, but it doesn't count
  2. See the Unwritten - Cheat up to two creatures onto the field. There IS a bear claw watermark, but doesn't count.
  3. Shamanic Revelation - Card draw and possible life gain.

2 Enchantments

  1. Arcane Adaptation - Makes everything into bears.
  2. Muraganda Petroglyphs - There are only 6 vanilla creatures but token generation is a thing.


Updates Add

Per suggestions from CMDR Central, changed lands.

-3 Forests +1 Temple of Abandon +1 Path of Ancestry +1 Field of Ruin


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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