Shirei EDH. The deck wins by card advantage, either building an army of tokens or by a 4 card combo composed of nether traitor + phyrexian altar + sifter of skulls/pawn of ulamog/genesis chamber + blasting station/zulaport cuthroat/thoughtpicker witch, the traitor can be replaced by a reassembling skeleton if you have two of the token generators. It draws a ton of cards so the combo is more viable than it seems, the only card that cannot be replaced easily is Phyreian altar so it should be played with care. I also added the Ashnod's altar + Nim deathmantle combo cause all the pieces are useful by themselves and as a backup plan if Phyrexian altar gets destroyed/exiled.

Marionette master can also easily kill someone with Shirei in one round in a multiplayer game. You can also softlock oponents with the ashen-skin zubera or black cat if you have shirei in play, this also makes you avoid sweepers. Smothering abomination is the mvp of the deck, if it lives for a round you've probably won because of the massive card draw.

The deck has a lot of fun interactions and establishes a nice board postion under the radar since it uses small otherwise bad creatures, so it doesn't draw too much attention until its too late for your opponents to react.

Any suggestion is welcome, the reason there are no life gain creatures like deathgreeter, bottle gnomes,etc. is because sources of big life gain in a multiplayer game makes you a target when you actually have no real advantage on the table, so over time i swapped cards like these for cards that provide some sort of card advantage and the deck became much more consistent.

Thanks for checking the deck out and reading the long description.


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