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Shipwreck Singer (Dimir)

Pauper EDH* Infect Pauper UB (Dimir)


"Her melody melds death and beauty with such artistry that even the gods weep to hear it."

Main idea: Shipwreck Singer lures opponents' creatures into a death trap. Winning by using flyers. Should work better and with more fun in multiplay.

This deck is mainly created to have fun in multiplay. Although you cannot choose who the opponent's creature will attack, there is definitely a lot of interaction and fun situations to be created.

You main defence will be deathtouch creatures with some biggies with hexproof. Win condition is infect or destroying your opponents' defences with the lure and deathtouch. Theta shades have multiple purposes. They can eat attackers lured into your way and can do heavy damage when attacking (especially with flying).

Tips are welcome.


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