DATE 9/16/16:As of now I am retiring this deck. Ill still leave it up for reference.

Aggro voltron. Focus on doubling damage, extra combat phases, and equipments.

Key Cards:

Land Tax- This is a Boros deck. Which means its only ramp is in the form of artifacts. This glorious creation of a card ensures a land drop ever turn (if behind) and thins out the deck. All for 1 mana. Seems good.

Scroll Rack- This is a Boros deck. Which also means it doesnt have good draw power. This card plus tutors helps get me the "draw" I need. Put a bad hand on top, tutor and shuffle those cards away to hopefully get something better. Rinse and repeat. Best synergy is with Weathered Wayfarer and Land Tax.

Waves of Aggression- More combat phases. Aurelia gives us two combats, why not one more for fun. I use this over cards like World at War specifically because of the retrace ability. Combos with Sword of Feast and Famine if I have spare lands in my hand.

Weathered Wayfarer - Pick a land! Any land! Serves a similar function to Land Tax in that it lets me hit my land drops but with the benefit of grabbing non basics. Need metalcraft? Grab artifact lands. Need colors? Grab Plateau or Sacred Foundry.

Final Fortune- This card has won me to many games to the point that it is never coming out of this deck. In a deck that you can get multiple combat steps, that extra turn is all it takes. Bonus points, it can be played with Sunforger.

Sunforger- Every single instant in the deck can be played with this card. Its a 2 mana instant response every turn you have it equipped. Mistveil Plains and this card are best friends.

Stonehewer Giant- Standard equipment finder. Plus he does not target so even if my selected creature has pro white or hexproof the equipment with still attach. Its great for countering removal buy activating and equipping the proper sword for protection or Darksteel Plate for indestructibility. Also Aurelia will untap him when she attacks so that is two activations of him in one turn potentially.

Godo, Bandit Warlord- Creature that tutors and equipment into play AND give himself an extra combat. Seems good. Plus if he and Aurelia attack I can stack the triggers for 3 combat phases. Brutal.

Plus if it isn't obvious, I like swords.


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