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Shattergang: World Police™

Commander / EDH


Seriously though, what'cha gonna do?

This deck was originally built on 3 ideas:

1: Only using what I had on hand from my collection.

2: Making it as cheap as possible.

3: Every card possible should interact with the Commanders theme.

It's since evolved into a deck that can sustain pressure from early to late game. It's become my signature deck among my friends and local areas. It's not as strong as it could be, but it's my kind of flavor and unpredictable chaos that I can enjoy and others can appreciate. I've actually stumbled across several combos in this deck that I didn't know I had put in due to the decks synergy.

EXAMPLE:First, we'll sacrifice a creature, most likely a token, to Ashnod's Altar.Ashnod's AltarNext, Grave Pact will trigger.Grave PactAnd we'll use the 2 mana to remove one of the sacrificed creatures to produce a token.NecrogenesisWash, rinse, repeat until the board or graveyards are empty of creatures. This is just some of the fun that I've discovered in this deck.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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