"Sharing is Caring" probably began since the dawn of time. From our history records at we can find some sort of written documents from the ancient Rome and its' orgies.

"Dude, I can't hang with you tonight" "WTF, why not?" "Lisa and I are going out." "Bring her over for a shag, sharing is caring!"

This deck has been created with the intention to let the opposing people play their game. I do not want to lose friends, so all aggresive cards like Aggressive Mining have been left out. I want to give away stuff and let the rest do their thing. Meanwhile I generate a moderate amount of tokens, which can recover again easily after boardwipes. Extra planeswalker support for some shenenigans...

Caring Combo's:

1.) Cast Illusions of Grandeur to gain 20 life

2.) Donate it away

3.) Oblivion Ring the grandeur to lose them 20 life

4.) Capsize the O-Ring with buyback.

5.) Return the O-ring and Capsize back to your hand and Grandeur to the battlefield under your control, gainging you 20 life again.

Rinse and repeat these steps...

1.) Aetherflux Reservoir

Cast it after your lifecount goes through the roof to goat an opponent off the field.


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These 4 cards are going to be tested soon:

Looking forward to see these cards into action. This deck is really fun to play and can go nuts out of nowhere...


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