Prossh, Skyraider of Kher is an ultra-aggressive commander who thrives on infinite combos and instant win conditions.

Typically, competitive EDH decks cost upwards of $1000 to assemble, which is a bit ridiculous! My goal is to create a highly interactive, competitve deck for under $500 and upgrade and improve it over time.

There are a wide variety of ways to win, the most obvious being the infinite combo powerhouse Food Chain, in conjunction with an outlet like Blood Artist.

If you're interested in learning more about this deck and how it functions, please check out the tabs below!

Thank you to everyone for your support!

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With a casting cost of , Prossh, Skyraider of Kher can be challenging to get onto the battlefield. This means quick mana ramp is a necessity!

In total, this deck contains 25 mana ramp spells. When combined with 30 lands, that means over half the cards here are dedicated solely to casting Prossh ASAP.

Mana Dorks:

Orcish Lumberjack and Joraga Treespeaker are particularly great because they allow for loads of extra mana early on.

Deathrite Shaman is a dual-threat dork. He's great at ramping and removing cards from opponents' graveyards.

Dryad Arbor is fetchable on turn one by casting Green Sun's Zenith where = .

Artifact Ramp:

The artifact ramp in this deck is intended to be cheap to cast and efficient. Chrome Mox and Mana Vault are expensive to purchase but they are invaluable to this deck's success.

Additional Ramp:

Carpet of Flowers is incredible when faced with a table full of players.

Green Sun's Zenith is a muti-purpose card. It can easily fetch mana dorks or other important creatures like Vexing Shusher.

Xenagos, the Reveler is the budget version of Gaea's Cradle. He's here purely to create mana like crazy and make my opponents regret their life decisions.

The Goal:

With all this mana ramp, I expect to cast Prossh turn 2-3. Ideally, with a way to search for and protect Food Chain in hand.


Food Chain Combo:

Food Chain is the backbone of this deck, it's importance can't be stated enough. Prossh without Food Chain is nowhere close to a competitive deck.

Food Chain is so important that I've added a multitude of ways to tutor for it. The quicker I'm able to get it the higher my odds of winning become.

How to Get Food Chain:

How Food Chain Works:

If you don't know how exactly Food Chain combos with Prossh, Skyraider of Kher, I'll explain:

  • When Prossh is cast for the first time he creates 6, 0/1 Kobold tokens.

  • Food Chain allows you to exile creatures and generate mana of any one color, equal to + that creatures mana cost.

  • Exiling Prossh with Food Chain generates you mana of any one color. Each Kobold you exile generates you mana of any color (creature tokens have a CMC of 0).

  • When Prossh is exiled with Food Chain,put him back in the command zone, then exile two Kobolds. This will generate seven , one and one , for a total of mana.

  • Use the mana to recast Prossh from the command zone, creating eight new Kobold tokens.

  • Repeat this process: exile Prossh and more Kobold tokens, to generate mana. Recast Prossh again to recreate more tokens. You now have an infinite loop.

Combos with Prossh & FC:

The following cards create win conditions with the Prossh/FC combo:

Infinite Damage/Life Loss:

Infinite Mill:

Exile Someone's Entire Library:

Mutiplayer Combat Damage:

Infinite Card Draw:

Search Until You Find a Win-Con:

Make Infinite Mana Without Prossh:

As you can see, Food Chain and Prossh together are quite powerful. So it's only natural that your opponents will do everything they can to disrupt this combo.

For this very reason, I've included several ways outside of FC to win.

Additional Win Cons:



Commander Damage:

In the next section I'll discuss how I disrupt other decks and protect Prossh Boi and his Food Chain combo...


Competitve metas are filled with blazing fast, combo-tastic, stax, and storm decks. The removal, and several creatures, in this deck serve two purposes:

1. Protect Prossh and my win cons.

2. Cripple my opponents ability to win, or slow them down enough to create a window for me to win.


These cards are great at disrupting my opponent's ability to counter my spells or bounce/destroy my permanents. You'd be surprised how often I'm able to catch my people off guard with spells like Pyroblast!

I play in an oppressive, stax heavy meta so my deck contains a lot of "anti-blue/artifact" cards.

If you assemble this deck be sure to tailor your removal to fit your meta!


Prossh, Skyraider of Kher is not a commander for casual players or playgroups. He is tailor made to combo out ASAP and terrorize your opponents!

Sadly, cEDH is financially inaccessible to the average Magic player. Spending thousands of dollars on a deck of cards is simply out of the question for many people, myself included.

More people should feel like they have the ability to play cEDH games without having to spend an arm and a leg, hopefully this primer has motivated you to be the next great Prossh player!

This deck is far from perfect, there are a host of expensive upgrades out there, such as:

Someday these cards will make their way onto this list. For now, I'm content with what I've assembled and sincerely hope you've enjoyed it too!

If you have any comments, stories, or card suggestions please post them below!

Thank you for checking out my primer, don't forget to +1!


Updates Add

My updates will continue to be infrequent but I'll check in when I can and brush off the dust and cobwebs.

Not much has changed in Prossh land, he's still ravaging the countryside, eating Kobolds and kicking ass.

I recently was able to purchase a Demonic and Worldly Tutor. Both have been added to the mainboard and should significantly improve the consistency of the FC combo.

At some point soon I'll be adding an Assassin's Trophy and an Ancient Tomb. This deck has come a long way from where it started!



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