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Shadrix, Ambassador of Ultimatums *Primer*

Commander / EDH Counters Lifegain Primer WB (Orzhov) Weenie



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12/4/21 “Restructured Government” Show

10/21/21 The Games Begin! Show

The latest in my decks built around the Strixhaven elder dragons, Shadrix takes flight! Shadrix Silverquill is a really fun commander that allows you to negotiate and strike deals with your opponents to gain favor while also setting up the board to your advantage, and this deck aims to capitalize on this type of game manipulation with a good amount of interaction and ways to benefit from the actions of your opponents! We want the table to be incentivized to attack other players while reminding them that there will be consequences for messing with our side of the board, guiding the game in a favorable direction while steadily increasing our own power to deal with the endgame.

"Everything That Has Transpired Has Done So According To My Design." - Emperor Palpatine

Why would you want to play Shadrix Silverquill as your commander?

-Unique playstyle, playing the table to your advantage by negotiating or punishing where necessary to keep the balance

-Strong without being toxic

-Fairly easy strategies to grasp, life gain and big swings pave your path to victory with several ways to protect yourself or surprise the table with a sudden demise

-Your commander puts the “Elder Dragon” in EDH! (Elder Dragon Highlander)

Expand Your Forces (+1/+1 Counters and Tokens) Show

Refuse and Suffer (Removal and Boardwipes) Show

Protect your Assets (Dodging removal, protective measures) Show

If we’re running Orzhov then you know we have to include some traditional instant death Orzhov good stuff! Beacon of Immortality + Tainted Remedy is immediate death to one opponent, same day shipping! Merely target the opponent with Beacon of Immortality while Tainted Remedy is on field and watch the source of your vexation crumble into nothing as they lose life equal to their life total! This is mainly a one-off silver bullet to wipe out your most troublesome opponent, but in some cases you may be able to pull it off again if you happen to retrieve Beacon of Immortality out of your deck with Vampiric Tutor.

Another heavy life drain combo comes in the form of Beacon of Immortality + Vizkopa Guildmage ! In this combo you would activate Vizkopa Guildmage’s second ability that states “Whenever you gain life this turn, each opponent loses that much life”, and then target yourself with Beacon of Immortality to drain each opponent for a potentially huge amount! If you are still at the starting life total of 40 or have even gained life well beyond your starting total (which is very possible and occurs consistently as the deck is built with lifegain in mind) , this combo has the ability to end the game in your uncontested victory! Vizkopa Guildmage also works very well with the many sources of lifelink in the deck, providing a means of steadily draining the table over time if you do not yet have Beacon of Immortality!

Decide Their Fate Show

Building a deck for each of the Strixhaven founding elder dragons has been a ton of fun and I consistently enjoy running them! As soon as I saw them I was interested in them but had no idea I’d end up building the full collection! You can find the other decks in my Strixhaven series below, and if you enjoyed this one I hope you’ll check out the others!

Beledros, Matriarch of the End *Primer*: A deck themed around aristocratic gameplay, lifegain and sacrifice! A strong mix of hard-hitting golgari combos and benefitting from Beledros Witherbloom's pest tokens, this is a fun deck to run! Full primer!

Velomachus, Air Raid Bomber *Primer*: A deck more balanced between competitive and casual, built for getting Velomachus Lorehold onto the field quickly and utilizing his ability to drop everything from removal spells to big boardwipes! As the name suggests, this deck’s playstyle is all about clearing the board and dealing heavy commander damage to your opponents! Full primer!

Galazeth, Magitech Beam Cannon *Primer*: A fun deck focused on playing to Galazeth Prismari’s ability to tap artifacts for mana to cast huge X spells and deal massive amounts of damage! Features a full primer with combos and synergies, breaking down the playstyle and goals of the deck!

Tanazir, Quandrix Conundrum *Primer*: The 4th of my Strixhaven decks with a full primer! Focused on +1/+1 counters and adapting to the board, this deck can swing wide or tall and comes packed with Simic strategy!

As always if you enjoyed the deck please feel free to leave an upvote and/or comment! You may also leave a link or name drop if you have a similar deck or a deck you’d like input on and I’ll give it a look!


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