Green/Black tribal (Warrior Elves). Basically, I was having issues playing mono-green elf overrun and recovering from board wipes. So I thought, why not make the board wipes work for me when I come across them? Stays in the game with Nissa and her Chosen, Prowess, and other token generators. Finishes either with tokens with tons of counters on them, Nissa ult into Shaman of the Pack, or by boarding in Damnation to wipe the board with Poison-Tip Archers out and using the tokens from Prowess to mop up if needed. I found two Collected Company keeps the cards coming and helps recover from other board wipes. Threats are spread around enough to cover having deck picked apart by control. Maybeboard contains cards from past iterations of this deck.



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Trying out some of the new elves from Kaldheim and they feel like they speed up the deck quite a bit!


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