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This is a library for Shadowborn Apostle gameplay (maybe decks in the future). If you would like to submit gameplay videos please comment the youtube link down below. Shadowborn Apostles are a fun card and there isn't a lot of updated information or decks out there.

Note: If you watch a video on the list please give the video a thumbs up and comment in the comment section you found the video from the Shadowborn Gameplay Library. I do not benefit from this in any way except this page getting more attention and more information becoming available for people on this type of Theme. You would also be helping content creators get some extra views and traffic.

For more visit the #shadowborn discord where you can talk shadowborn. It is new so please give it a chance to build up. You can submit videos and deck lists to this discord.

Discord link:

  • banshadowborn discord https://discord.gg/Ce6bwCJyrB


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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