Budget $200 at TCGPlayer, upgrade of the Elven Empire precon, tribal Elves featuring Lathril, Blade of the Elves .

Joraga Warcaller and Marwyn, the Nurturer are such good Elves with Lathril and Elf tokens thus I'm building around the +1/+1 counter theme. Warcaller able to make Lathril as well as all other Elves I control huge becomes much better when I can add more counters onto him later in the game. This lets me cast him consistently for less mana for a small anthem for Lathril and then make him bigger later on.

Combos with Lathril

It scales to make Lathril bigger each turn I attack which can create more Elves each time and it lets me use Lathril's tap ability with all the Elves she just created after combat. Timberwatch Elf can replace Magi, but the +X/+X pump goes away at end of turn.

It lets me untap all creatures I control at each opponent's turn which with Lathril means each opponent loses 10 life on each opponent's turn. Being able to tap Lathril on each player's turn to make all opponents lose 10 life can equal a loss of at least 40 life for each opponent for one cycle of players' turns.

Infinite Mana Combos

Use infinite mana with Staff to draw into a win condition mana sink if it's not already on the battlefield.

With infinite mana Staff can also be used with Lathril to untap her and 10 Elves to repeatedly use her tap ability as the win condition. Copperhorn Scout 's ability to untap all other creatures I control whether they attacked or not is powerful with a big mana producer and a mana sink.

In this combo the big mana producer is Devoted thanks to the extra mana from Abundance and able to untap herself. Each time Devoted taps for mana she makes two green. The mana sinks are Ezuri and Abundance; Ezuri to give Elves trample and Abundance to give them infinite +1/+1 counters which cancels out -1/-1 counters on Devoted allowing her to make infinite mana.

More description coming soon...


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