Animate Dead + Kederekt Leviathan

Charisma + Pemmin's Aura + Pirate Ship

So our commander herself has a neat -1/-1 ability. There's lots of fun stuff in dimir like moving or adding counters, untapping,proliferate and infect. The theme of the deck is boats and that's the reason we're not leaning to heavy on any of the standard Skeleton Ship lines. Keep it janky.

Trying to add a thematic excuse for every card is gonna be fun. I've added in some of the top synergy cards for Shippy such as Nest of Scarabs and Blowfly Infestation. We've sailed to Amonkhet & Shadowmoor and happened to pick up some infested cargo. Crumbling Ashes is here because all of our deckhands smoke. Flooded Woodlands is in here strictly for my meta. Alex, you suck. Fatestitcher is locked in the brig. Everything else should be nautical themed in some way.

This monstrosity would not have been possible without these scurvy dogs:



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Got to play two games last night and I'm in love. We need to add things like Dismiss into Dream type effects. And more untap. BOAT also needs more protection.

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