I named it "Semi Competetive" because i dont have access to all of the expensive Mana Rocks like Mana Crypt or Mana Vault etc., like all the Competetive Decks. Otherwise i wouldnt play things like Worn powerstone. I have a LED but dont know If its neccessary, or more likely: "appliable". I run a bunch more Basics than usual because of cards that punish greedy mana base, such as Price of Progress or Back to Basics.

The Win Cons : Mike and Trike, Duskmantle guildmage + Mindcrank, necrotic ooze+ phyrexian devourer+ triskelion, Walking ballista + Mike + sac Outlet. I could have placed a Basalt Monolith for the Combo with mesmeric Orb, but this would require a Lab Maniac or Lab Jace or Thassas Oracle, and am Not a Fan of these.

Note: with the necrotic ooze Combo online, you can only do around 100 dmg because of the low cmcs in the Deck, so keep that in Mind when pulling of this Combo.

Scarab God is able to help you with the Combos for example: Exiling Necrotic ooze to copy its abbility to the zombie token, or draining your opponents even for 1 LP to activate the Guildmage Mindcrank Combo. Even alone he is a pretty stable zombie token generating GOD.


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