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This deck dose the typical Selesnya EDH things. Mainly it focuses on ramp, token creation, and some life gain. However this deck will also focuses on using the top of the deck and playing the cards there for "free".

Ramp: This deck's bread and butter, you want to ramp and ramp hard. With Selvala, Explorer Returned as the commander you can expect to get mana `66% of the time. This is a large amount of mana depending upon the number of opponents you play agents, and will let you play large mana cost cards early. use this early game boost to either get more ramp and prepare for some late game one turn wins, or for playing the large mana cost threat cards early and do a lot of damage.

Mana Dumps: After ramping so hard for the early and mid game you now have alot of mana and not much to use it on? well do I have the mana Dumps for you! this deck has: Elder of Laurels, Heliod, God of the Sun,Jade Mage, Nylea, God of the Hunt, Rhys the Redeemed, Soul of Zendikar, Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage. To be honest I think this is too many mana dumps, but I'm having a hard time trying to decide on witch one(s) to remove.

TOP deck Manipulation: With your commander you will need to parley every turn to get the most out of its abilities to do this well you need to know and manipulate the top of your deck. I use the following cards to do this: Vizier of the Menagerie, Courser of Kruphix, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Sensei's Divining Top, Oracle of Mul Daya, Lurking Predators, Sylvan Library. These cards work well with you commander because it lets their effects either to become more predictable or more valuable.

Wincons: Great you have a lot of mana and tokens you can also use the top of your deck but how will you actually win? there are some win combos, but mainly this deck is just build up tokens and combine with one of the following cards to do major damage/kill them: Win with some Tokens cards: Craterhoof Behemoth Akroma's Memorial Eldrazi Monument Overwhelming Stampede Cathars' Crusade

Wincon (2) mass token gen on one turn. these cards will make a lot of tokens on one turn that will need to be dealt with or you win. if you already have Eldrazi Monument out, you win that turn. Cards: Entreat the Angels Storm Herd White Sun's Zenith

Wincon (3) landfall Avenger of Zendikar or Rampaging Baloths combine with Boundless Realms play either of the landfall trigger the turn before and then play Boundless and you have the Mass token gen/buff.

Wincon (4) Infinite combo: Their is an infinite combo of life gain/counters using Archangel of Thune + Spike Feeder. I find that in most play groups they are ok with this Infinite combo because there are many different ways to response to it and stop it.

Wincon (5) Genesis Wave. Genesis Wave is a card that with enough mana will almost let you get the other win con cards. See the Unwritten is a poor mans Genesis wave but the card will give you another chance to get that greater hoof. (this card will most likely be replaced).

Wincon (6) Green Sun's Zenith with Green Sun's Zenith you can get that critical creature to win the game. Typical you will want to get Craterhoof Behemoth, or to finish the infinite combo.

The weakness of this deck is its ability to control/stop what your opponents are doing. It has what I consider to be the stander card remove cards: Oblation, Swords to Plowshares and other in the deck. I still think that this is a weak point of the deck and would like suggestions to improve its effect.

Planeswalkers: I currently have four planeswalkers in the deck but I have a hard time deciding if I should get ride of all four of them or keep them in. The order of importance that I put them in is: 1) Garruk, Caller of Beasts 2) Elspeth, Sun's Champion 3) Elspeth, Knight-Errant 4) Ajani, Caller of the Pride. This order is mainly because its been my experience that once you put down a planeswalker it tends to get targeted by opponents so you should only expect to use one or if your lucky two abilities. the order of the planes walkers is almost revered when it comes to what I consider the best ults for the planes walker. I would like feedback on to keep them, replace them. and if I replace them should I replace them with other planeswalker. Pros for planeswalkers, 1) you can use at lest one of their abilities, 2) they do get targeted so If your willing to let them die, you have a great distraction from what ever else your doing. 3) if you do somehow get to use the ult, it tends to make a game winning edge.

PS. I'm debating whether to put in more tutor cards, or to leave it the way it is.


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